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Feb 26, 2002 05:17 AM
by dalval14

Tuesday, February 26, 2002

Dear Marc:

If you refer to the Church dogmas concerning

1. Ascension in the flesh to heaven, and

2. Resurrection in the flesh at the last Judgment ?

Then Theosophy would not see in either a reasonable expression of
universal law. This matter is covered in the 2nd volume of ISIS
UNVEILED by Mme. Blavatsky.

Theosophical philosophy would ask us to consider the following

1. They seem to relate to our Earth only and to Roman
Catholics in particular.

2. Our Earth is a very small affair in the Galaxy,
astronomically speaking, and to believe that the SUPREME GOD
would have only concern for such a limited audience is not

3. Physical matter as viewed by theosophy is a portion of
the omnipresence of GOD as a universal POWER -- the same for all.
Hence physical matter, being already divine in one of its
essential aspects would not physically “ascend” anywhere. If
anything the ”ascension” would be a matter relating to the
understanding and to the dawning of wisdom -- God-like wisdom --
It might be compared to an inward comprehension in our (and every
one else’s minds) of this divine presence and unity.

If by “Ascension” you mean that Jesus (and others) ascended
(physically) to “Heaven” then that heaven remains to this day
unlocatable. If it is a state, then every human being in terms
of consciousness “ascends” in terms of conscious intelligence, to
the region of the ONE SPIRIT where the GOD WITHIN forever abides,
when the period of “deep sleep” occurs. [This is explained in

Theosophy also holds that between incarnations in the state
called “Devachan” (the region of the gods) the pure spiritual
and immortal entity that each one of us is at core, reviews the
last life and incorporates into its character all the worthy
components of its feelings, thoughts, and deeds. Having done
this it is ready to return to earth life and take on a new body
provided by its “Karma” or, the fruition of its past living for
many aeons. [ The KEY TO THEOSOPHY (HPB) will provide you with
an explanations of that ]

2. Resurrection in the flesh is illogical for the reason
that the flesh being made of matter is dispersed and used over
and over again by different individuals.

The doctrine of REINCARNATION holds that the individual spirit of
each person is an eternal part of the UNIVERSAL ONE DIVINE
SPIRIT. It never dies. It uses many bodies in a process of
evolutionary development and education which is continuous. The
ultimate goal of living for each member of humanity is SUPREME
PERFECTION or as also called ALL KNOWINGNESS -- and that is the
process of purifying one’s life, feelings, thoughts, motives and
actions so that the interior spirit-god of each shines forth.

Both books are available on line through
if you wish to read or download them.
I will be glad to offer further explanations if those do not
seem reasonable to you.

The main difference between Theosophy and the Church teachings is
that the Church insists on its parishioners having “faith” that
what it teaches is true. Theosophy on the other hand employs and
invokes “common-sense” and universality. It views the Universe
as operating under great an immutable unchangeable laws ( KARMA )
it views every component of the Universe and our Earth as a
independent and wholly viable UNIT ( the word MONAD is used ).
The progress of these immortal and eternally living units through
life is a pilgrimage, and it extends from the starting boundaries
of an infinite beginning to those of an infinite end.

The purpose of life is to learn, and it is all made up of

Progress is universal and each being complements and supplements
others. It is viewed as the cooperation and interaction of

The God-like excellence that everyone dreams and thinks of is

Regardless of the name given to GOD, or the religion that one is
a part of, it is NATURE that supports and gives his physical body
its life. In a way we can say with truth and accuracy that
NATURE is the UNIVERSAL GOD, and that every being alive, of
whatever size or degree of intelligence, is one of His CHILDREN
and ought to be preserved and cherished accordingly.

Best wishes,


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It also answers the question: "Why are
we here?" and " Where are we going ?"

Does T.S. and H.P.B. address anything concerning what Christians
call the Resurrection and Ascension?

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