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Re: Theos-World HPB, 7 ultimatly originating from Lurian Caballah and Poimandres.

Feb 26, 2002 03:43 AM
by Morten Sufilight

Hi Brigitte and all of you,

A view among many:
Brigitte I think it is very very doubtful if your below comment has any bearing what-so-ever . (Let us remember, that your view and my view is just one among many other different views.)

Including that, you according to my view -- you in the below tear my previous email apart (by cutting it) - and mix it up with your own (look at the syntax below).

Randolph was visiting India wasn't he ?
The Puranas got translated to English year - ? - when ?
Vishnu Purana year at least as early as 1840 !
Bhagavata Purana - in french year 1840.
Try for instance this:

One also have to consider the year 1877 (when Isis Unveiled was printed by Blavatsky), as being a time, when Christianity had a different importance than today, -- year 2002 with a western world on -- Internet, fast communication, fast transport, and an enormous amount of books.
Maybe Blavatsky's sort of modest manner of presenting eastern views in IsisUnveiled had something to do with - the time (1877) and Chrisitnaity's importance.
People could maybe not eat The Secret Doctrine so easy, if Isis Unveiled was not printed at first. 
And maybe Isis Unveiled, just was an initial step, which later as a plan should lead to the printing of The Secret Doctrine (1886-8).
The old lady Blavatsky - was planning and looking ahead no doubt.

My view is: You keep clinging to the "dead-letter-view", and because of that sort of rejects - wisdom. Some read the Akasha and some don't. 
Some don't even dare think, that it really truely exists ! 
(Are Brigitte one of them ?)

I disagree with you - on that western view you seek to 'plaster' Blavatsky with. And that is just that. 

Peace and love ?

Sufilight with a bruced email...and a smile...;-)

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Subject: Theos-World HPB, 7 ultimatly originating from Lurian Caballah and Poimandres.

Randolph didn't menton the Puranas it is doubtfull he ever heard about 
them. Deveney who wrote a Dr. Thesis about Randolph, gives however 
evidence that Randolph move around in Mesmeric circles in Paris and 
London, and particularly had strong contact with the Cagliostro type 
occultism that time, wich rather points to a Caballistic background for 
his sources.
Similar Blavatskys system of Globes and rounds is also for a majority 
Lurian Caballah plus also has the Hermetic Poimandres as ultimae  
source. Jacob Boehme and other early Theosophists that Blavatsky read.
She eve calls Boehme a "Nirmankaya." 

I am talking about the ROOT of her system 1876-78, Blavatsky 
borrowing from the Puranas was in the SD 1888.

--- In theos-talk@y..., "Morten Sufilight" <teosophy@m...> wrote:
> Hi Brigitte and all of you,
> A view among many:
> The below is certainly interesting.
> But I will also have to say, that the below text can be taken from
> the ancient "Puranas" by any serious spiritual reader of sanskrit.
> And a translation to english most likely will follow that of Randolph > 
> The ioriginator of the specific term "central Sun", have you read his 
> > description of the term ?
> > Blavatsky had his books and clearly borrowed from him,
> > 
> > including some of later the teachings of the "Mahatmas" as Steve 
> > shown, even whole book parts from Randolph where copied in the 
> > Mahatma letters.
> > 
> > P.B.Randolph trance teachings basicly statet (published in a dozen
> > books 
> > in the 1850-60's USA):
> > 
> > 1.There is a primordial "central, spiritual SUN" which is eternal, 
> > invisible and divine, and the "AEther," the "astral fire," 
> > the "astral ocean of invisible fire" permeates the universes and acts 
> > as the agent of all magical and occult operations .
> > 
> > 2. Emanating from the divine Central Sun is the spirit, which is a 
> > ray of the divine and co eternal with the Sun and yet is in some 
> > inchoate way distinct and individualized."
> > 
> > 3. From the "central, spiritual and Invisible sun" the originally 
> > bisexual "monad" radiates, thus beginning its vast journey from the 
> > sun, through myriads of transformations, into birth and 
> > individualization on its journey back to the sun.'
> > 
> > 4. On this journey the monad transmigrates through myriads of 
> > seeking "individualization" as man the potential stepping off place 
> > for perpetual progress through the spheres 
> > above.
> > 
> > 5. Man himself is a trinity of Spirit, soul, and body. The spirit is a
> > ray of the eternal, spiritual Sun and is divine.
> > 
> > 6. Man's soul is matter ethereal and as such is mortal. It can be
> > separated from the body and can move independently of it even
> > during life. At the same time, the soul is conditionally immortal, 
> > and it becomes immortal, if at all, when it is joined with the
> > spirit . The goal of the monad's journey through its transmi
> > grations is its individualization, the joining of the mortal soul
> > with the immortal spirit. "Man is also triune: he has his objective, 
> > physical body; his vitalizing astral body (or soul), the real
> > man; and these two are brooded over and illuminated by the third 
> > sovereign, the immortal spirit. 
> > When the real man succeeds in merging himself with the latter, 
> > he becomes an im mortal entity, "
> > 
> > 7. Immortality is conditional. If man during life sets his mind on
> > material things, at death his soul loses 
> > contact with the immortal spirit and is doomed to roam the confines 
> > of the material world as an "elementary" until it gradually 
> > dissolves and is annihilated .
> > 
> > 8. If man on earth keeps the spiritual in mind, the soul becomes 
> > immortal and a "god" and sets out on a vast ascensive journey
> > through the spheres, a joint creature of Spirit and soul, and at
> > every stage the soul ("Astral Soul") progressively casts off its
> > external forms while preserving its individuality and fundamental 
> > form for "millions of ages." "[The liberated soul Monad, 
> > exultantly rejoins the mother and father spirit, the radiant 
> > Augoeides, and the two, merged into one, forever form, with a 
> > proportioned to the spiritual purity of the past earth life, the Adam 
> > who has completed the circle of necessity, and is freed from the 
> > vestige of his physical encasement. Henceforth, growing more and 
> > radiant at each step of his upward progress, he mounts the shining 
> > path that ends at the point from which he started around the 
> > CYCLE. (In other trance lectures Randolph spoke of this cycle having 
> > 7 steps or phases)
> > 
> > 9. The goal of the vast process is return to the divine Sun. This is 
> > nirvana, but that state is by no means annihilation. It is rather 
> > existence in the spirit alone, with the soul " fused" into
> > the spirit, free at last of matter and external form.
> > 
> > The above is from John Patrick Deveney "Pascal Beverly Randolp,"
> > every Theosophist should have a copy of this book. A lot can be 
> > learned from that book about Blavatsky and the origins of modern 
> > Theosphy, for details see the Amazon listing.
> > Bri.
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > --- In theos-talk@y..., "redrosarian" <redrosarian@y...> wrote:
> > > --- In theos-talk@y..., "bri_mue" <bri_mue@y...> wrote:
> > > > It is clear from Randolph and Blavatsky's writings that the
> > central 
> > > > Sun is another word for "God" not black holes.
> > > 
> > > Correction. Blavatsky didn't believe in a personal God. The Atman
> > or 
> > > Universal Spirit is also known as the Central Spiritual Sun.
> > > 
> > > As for black holes, it is my personal belief that they are similar
> > to 
> > > the human chakra system, only on a grander, cosmic scale. 
> > are 
> > > also known as fiery wheels or mini-suns.
> > > 
> > > MNS
> > 
> > 
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