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Mulla Nashreddin...

Feb 25, 2002 07:43 AM
by Morten Sufilight

Hi all of you,

Here is another one. 

A view: Think about it - seek to avoid getting to emotional. -- Or do want you want anyway.

People will Swear to it

"What is your occupation?" the judge asked Mulla Nashreddin when he was a witness in a court case.
"I am the greatest man in the world" said the Mulla.
After the case one of his friends said: "Nasrudin, why did you say that?"
"Yes", said the Mulla, "it is rather a pity -- but I had to tell them just this once: I was on oath you see."
(by Idries Shah)

You see Mulla Nashreddin is a wellknown joke-figure in the Middle East. So he is probably not from - for instance - USA or any european country. ;-)

When two years has passed - you maybe will get the idea, and maybe not before.
This is, one of the manners in, how these little stories work, you see.

Sufilight with a Middle Eastern mail...^+^ ...please no jumping prejudice...

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