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Feb 25, 2002 07:27 AM
by Morten Sufilight

Hi all of you,

Here is a little something - to make the proper 'puoll' so to speak.
Boring, maybe - but it is for those who like to sort of think more than being emotional :


"There was once a king who decided to treat everyone in prison more humanely. He ordained, among other things, that all convicts must have visitors, and his officers took the names of towns and villages from which these people came, to make announcements that they must visit such and such people to cheer them up and prepare them for eventual release.
But there was one man, who still never got any visitors. 
Finally the prison governor called him.
"You said that you have relatives and friends from such-and-such village."
"We have sent criers around the countryside proclaiming that it is the King's command that you be visited. Why will your own people not present themselves here for this humanitarian purpose and to fulfil the requirements of this Royal Decree?"
"Probably because they are all convicts here already!"
There is very little, that people can do for themselves when they belong to a community (sometimes it is a whole culture) which imagines that its social behavoir is spiritual. Such people manage to escape when they can see the hypocrisy of outward show and the perspective shallowness of the emotional (which they always call 'deep'). From time to time, of course, this happens, and people sometimes wander from one 'mystical master' to another until they discover what higher knowledge really is, by elimination." (by Idries Shah)

*Sometimes people say, that if you have a limp because of a nail - then you take it out, so to feel better.*

Sufilight with Mulla Nashreddin illuminations...

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