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7 Elements?

Feb 25, 2002 06:58 AM
by Gerald Schueler

<<<Quintessence was synonymous with elixir, mercury of the Philosophers and etheric. The Quintessence was said to be semi-material and visible to certain persons. The four elements, the fifth mmed 
Quintessence and two other unnamed elements formed the Seven Cosmical Elements. These were held as conditional modifications and aspects of one ciement, the source of Akasha itself.>>>

Brigitte, do you have any references for the notion of "two other unnamed elements" to make 7? The reason I ask is that I have never found any such reference. Dee and Levi and others I am familiar with all worked with 5 elements. Also, the female consorts of the Dhyani Buddhas of Tibetan Buddhism represent 5 elements (the Dhyani Buddhas themselves represent the 5 skandhas after purification). 5, not 7. My research has found 7 elements used only in Theosophy. Your above last sentence indicates an 8th as a unifying source. I haven't found that idea anywhere either.

Jerry S.

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