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Re: Theos-World Ether

Feb 25, 2002 00:45 AM
by leonmaurer


Apparently, the "ether" as the medium for the propagation of light is not so 
dead after all -- even though Einstein "killed it" when he found it didn't 
fit in with the mathematical concepts of quantum theory. However, Einstein 
later reversed his position, and admitted that there must be an "etheric" 
(beyond measurement) medium in which light is propagated through, when he 
realized, after failing to find a consistent Unified Field theory to link 
relativity with quantum mechanics and electrodynamics, that his 
"gravitational constant," levered into the equations of the "standard model" 
to make relativity consistent with quantum cosmology, was an artifact that 
had no reality unless there was such a "medium." 

After the advent of string theory (leading to Superstring and then to M-brane 
theory, which is, in essence, a "unified field" theory similar to what 
Einstein was searching for) many physicists have apparently begun considering 
that the "ether," as the medium through which light is propagated, is related 
to the field of sub-quantum energy "perturbations" that surrounds the 
zero-point within the Planck distance (between the "quantum particle" and the 
"zero-point") -- where quantum "probability" supposedly comes into play. 
I've heard that some scientists are considering that the Schrodinger's 
equations, which still doesn't resolve the gap between relativity theory and 
quantum theory, may have to be modified to account for this. 

It seems to me that the idea of "imaginary probability waves" are also 
nothing more than a mathematical artifact that has no direct relationship 
(other than symbolic) to actual reality -- which, in my view, has to be based 
on fixed laws of cyclic motion (of primal "space") rooted in abstract "spin" 
circling around the zero point in its pre cosmic rest state -- which must 
continue to be expressed causally in the post "big bang" zero-point 
scientific "vacuum" aspect of metric space... Where all "zero-points are, in 
effect, in the same place (or coadunate) -- which may account for quantum 
"entanglement" or "action at a distance" on that scale, and also, for all, so 
called, "psychic phenomena." (Incidentally, HPB clearly pointed out these 
relationships in the SD.)

The problem with all these scientific theories (not realities), and why 
science has not yet come up with any consistent Unified Field theory, is that 
the materialistic biases of conventional academic scientists forces them to 
ignore the "motive powers" -- (based on the highest frequency/energies 
underlying the unseen and immeasurable coenergetic fields "coadunate but not 
consubstantial" with the "material" fields they can observe and measure) -- 
that are instrumental in energizing both "consciousness" and "will." This 
prevents them from seeing the forest for the trees. A problem that will 
continue so long as they cannot include these energies as well as their field 
interactions and effects in their equations. 

However, the new mathematics that underlies M-brane theory -- which does 
unify relativity with quantum theories, and merges "waves" with "particles" 
-- is getting closer and closer to a final answer to the fundamental 
questions of; What is light? Where does it come from? What does it travel in, 
on or through? (Although, they are not there yet.) But, when those 
fundamental questions are finally and unequivocally resolved, there will be 
no more separation between the "fundamental principles" of theosophy and 
those of science. 

And, when, not too long from now, hopefully, this "new paradigm" of science 
is applied (by the practitioners of the new field of "Cosmic Engineering") 
the revolution in technology based on zero-point energy (ZPE) supporting new 
possibilities in space exploration and travel, as well as the healing 
potentials for both humanity and the planetary biosphere and ecology -- 
leading to a possible future "paradise on Earth" -- will be mind boggling. 
All that remains to make that dream a "present" reality, would be for the 
people themselves, individually and as a whole, to accept such a new 
"theosophical science" as the ONLY true reality, and apply its precepts to 
their own mind changes and ways of life -- supported by the idea (which they 
can verify by the world's past history) that "Universal Brotherhood" is, in 
fact, a law of nature that cannot be broken today without "Hell to pay" 

For further information (both basic and advanced) on String, Superstring and 
M-brane theories and how they grew out of and relate to both relativity and 
quantum mechanics, dynamics and cosmology, go to:

As to how all that relates to theosophy, go to:


In a message dated 02/23/02 7:27:54 AM, writes:

>I agree that Einstein helped kill the notion of ether ("disproved" is 
>not a correct expression). However, that's an old story. According to 
>quantum theory, what propagates in space is the imaginary waves of 
>probability, which hardly need a material medium to travel through. 
>Therefore, it could be said that there are two kinds of reality: 
>some medium filling the entire space (it might be called ether or 
>aether), and the waves of information going in all directions and 
>controlling the excitations of the medium. An alternative point of 
>view, which is impossible to refute, is that there is simply an empty 
>space and the waves of probability (no medium). 
>Moreover, after Einstein it has been discovered that the theory of 
>electromagnetic waves (which includes the theory of light as a 
>particular case) can be reinterpreted in terms of quantum mechanics 
>as the theory of probability waves [technically speaking, it means 
>that Maxwell's equations can be rewritten as Schrodinger's equations 
>and interpreted accordingly]. Ergo, no need for medium supporting 
>propagation of light.
>--- In theos-talk@y..., Mic Forster <micforster@y...> wrote:
>> Hi Dennis,
>> Einstein, in 1905, disproved the notion that light needs a medium 
>to travel through, unlike other waves such as sound. Consequently the 
>notion of the "ether" or "aether" has been disregarded. Though this 
>is not to be confused with the ether that theosophy talks of. This 
>ether is something entirely different.
>> Regards,
>> Mic

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