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Re to Alan - Sunlight

Feb 24, 2002 06:46 AM
by Gerald Schueler

<<<There are other seeming obvious objections to the theory of an incandescent sun. If any are upheld, why do we experience heat when in direct sunlight?
Perhaps as James Churchwarden hypothesised its because an unknown energy, interacting with Terran energy fields produces the effect in complex ways
rather than it being a direct cause of sunshine....>>>

I agree that there is an unknown energy at work. And curiously I found an explanation of sorts in CWL's book on the chakras. He describes what he calls the "vitality globule" and where he got this from, I have no idea. Like most people, I pooh-poohed this notion when I first read it many years ago. But then, as I got deeper into meditation, I noticed that definite felt differences were experienced during the day than at night. I could feel death close-by at night, but almost never during the day. Fear, and especially fear of death, was greater at night. I had an radical experience (significant emotional event), many years ago, close to midnight, which I have previously described as meeting the Angel of Death (this was years before the TV shows made this name popular), an experience that caused sweating and anxiety etc. Such experiences simply never happened to me during the day. Then I recalled that midnight was the "witching hour" and all of the ancient tales of night vs day and so on. I began to see, and am now quite convinced, that something is indeed coming to us from the sun during the day that is being filtered out at night other than light. And this "something" has a great influence on our mental outlook and attitude.

Seattle has a high suicide rate and also a high percentage of rain and cloudy weather. Coincidence?

Jerry S.

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