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Re Central Suns & Ether

Feb 24, 2002 06:24 AM
by Gerald Schueler

<<<The article "central Galaxial agent,NASA Science News for February 21, 2002" has notting to do with the occult notion of a central sun in the SD, a notion that came straight from P.B.Randolph's books.>>>

Brigitte, where did Randolph get the idea from?

<<<Also the concepts of "ether" and "astral light" came from earlier occult literature (from befor Blavatsky was born) and is a totally different concept as the term "ether" in early 20th century science.>>>

True. John Dee mentions and names 30 "aethyrs" that are described as what we would call planes today. And the ancient Egyptian Dwat (or Tuat, as it used to be transliterated) is literally "starry place" which Egyptologists unamimously translate as the night sky, but it could just as well be translated as "astral plane" and this is likely the precursor of our astral light. The ether of science is a physical medium. The ether of Theosophy is an etheric medium.

<<<Einstein, in 1905, disproved the notion that light needs a medium to travel through, unlike other waves such as sound. Consequently the notion of the "ether" or "aether" has been disregarded. Though this is not to be confused with the ether that theosophy talks of. This ether is something entirely different. >>>

It is important to note here that Einstein demonstrated that the ether was not necessary for a medium of light. He did not actually demonstrate its non-existence. Today there is some speculation that an ether does exist, but there is also speculation of dark matter and plasma and so on, all very iffy. If "matter" is comprised of solids, liquids, and gases, then perhaps the virtual particles of quantum physics provides a link between the material and etheric planes (?).

Jerry S.

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