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Re: Theos-World Re: That Mayan Post

Feb 23, 2002 05:30 AM
by Larry F Kolts

Yes, Brigitte

Mormons have always had an extraterrestial link.

Brigham Young taught that Adam and Eve were "transplants" from another
planet. That theme was being spoken of quite fully about the time HPB
visited Salt Lake City. Hre hostess, Emiline Wells, was a Mormin woman
"in the know" ,a member of the inner prayer circles, sort of the Mormon
version of the ES. (It know longer exists)

Of related interest. A number of years ago the T.V. show Battlestar
Galactica explored Mormon themes in space. Larsen used that show to plug
many, many Mormon themes.

More recently is Orson Scott Card's series on space exploration. Unknown
to most, the series is a direct lifting of the Book of Mormon story to a
galactic setting.


On Sat, 23 Feb 2002 03:42:39 -0000 "bri_mue" <> writes:
> That fits in well with the Mormon story, and two member of this list 
> mentioned a litle over a week ago that Blavatsky visited the 
> Mormon's just pryor to writing Isis, and founding the TS together 
> with other occultists and spiritualists that also might have known 
> of 
> this.
> Bri.
> --- In theos-talk@y..., Mic Forster <micforster@y...> wrote:
> > 
> > A couple of weeks ago I said that Jose Arguelles stated a 
> chronological sequence that he believes the Mayans developed to 
> outline the unfolding of the human consciouness since 3113BC. I 
> promised to post this sequence once I had found it. Well I found it 
> some time ago and haven't had the time to write it up, so here it 
> is. 
> It comes from: "Arguelles, J. (1996). The Mayan Factor: Path beyond 
> technology. Pp 114-115. Bear & Company: Santa Fe."
> > 
> > 1. 3113BC - 2718BC
> > Entry of Earth into Galatic Synchronization Beam. Planting of 
> "star-
> transmissions" of the galatic league among peoples across the 
> planet. 
> Consolidation of upper and lower Egypt, 3100B.C. Expansion of 
> Sumeria, 3000B.C. Construction of Stone Henge begun, 2800B.C.
> > 
> > 2. 2718BC - 2324BC
> > Construction/activation of Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt, 2700-
> 2600BC, marks anchoring of planet light body. Spread of Sumerian 
> civilisation, Akkad and Ur, and development of bronze. Beginning of 
> Harappa, Indus Civilization. Beginning of settled agricultural life, 
> China, Mesoamerica, Andes.
> > 
> > 3. 2324BC - 1930BC
> > Full establishment of wheel, initiation of transport technology 
> and 
> cyclical thought, written codes of law, and metallurgical technology 
> in Mesopotamia. Sargon and first Babylonian empire. Beginnings of 
> chariot warfare, territorial imperialism. Era of legendary emperors, 
> China. Establishment of Minoan civilization, Crete.
> > 
> > 4. 1930BC - 1536BC
> > Middle and New Kingdom in Egypt; relocation of center to Sacred 
> Mountain of the West, Valley of the Kings, marks decision of 
> Egyptians to perpetuate dynastic rule, consolidates pattern of 
> defensive territorialism as norm for civilized life. Waves of 
> invaders - Hittites, Aryans, destruction of Minoan, Indus 
> civilizations.
> > 
> > 5. 1536BC - 1141BC
> > Establishment of Shang Dynasty, China, enunciation of yin/yang 
> doctrine, advanced bronze metallurgy and pattern of Chinese 
> civilization. Beginnings of Vedic civilzation, India. Emergence of 
> Chavin civilization, Andes, and Olmecs, Mesoamerica. Akhenaton, 
> Egypt; Abraham and Moses, Israel; Hittite consolidation, 
> Mesopotamia.
> > 
> > 6. 1141BC - 747BC
> > Babylonian-Assyrian empires. Iron weaponry and war machines. Rise 
> of Mycenean Greeks in Mediterranean, sack of Troy. Chou Dynasty, 
> China, emergence of I Ching. Spread of Olmec culture throughout 
> Mesoamerica. Horse used for warfare, pattern of militaristic 
> imperial 
> rule and dynastic succession established as norm for civilized life 
> on planet.
> > 
> > 7. 747BC - 353BC
> > Period of first wave of galatic Mayans in Mesoamerica. Persian 
> Empire. Rise of philosophical individualistic thought supplanting 
> earlier collective forms. Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle in 
> Greece; six schools of Vedic thought, Mahavira and Buddha, India; 
> Lao 
> Tzu, Confucius, Chuang Tzu in China. Construction of Monte Alban, 
> Mexico, beginnings of Mayan calendar systems.
> > 
> > 8. 353BC - AD41
> > Hellenistic civilization, Alexander the Great; Rise of Rome, 
> beginning of Roman Empire; Celts in Europe, advanced iron 
> technology; 
> Warring States' consolidation of China by Ch'in Huang Ti, beginnings 
> of Han Dynasty, Great Wall of China; spread of Buddhism as 
> cosmopoltan religion from India to Central Asia. Jesus Christ, 
> gnostic religions of Middle East; diffusion of Olmecs and beginning 
> of Teotohuacan.
> > 
> > 9. AD 41 - 435
> > Completetion of Pyramid Center of Teotihuacan, consolidation of 
> Mesoamerican cultural regime, Lords of Red and Black, first 
> teachings 
> of Quetzalcoatl; Moche, Nazca, and Tiohuanco in Andes; Easter 
> Island; 
> emergence of West African kingdoms; expansion and collapse of Roman 
> Emprie, rise of Christianity; collapse of Han Dynasty, spread of 
> Buddhism in China, Southeast Asia.
> > 
> > 10. 435 - 830
> > Second galatic Mayan visitation, Pacal Votan of Palenque and 
> flourishing of Mayan cultural regime; Muhammed and rise of Islam; 
> Roman Christian Western Europe and Byzantine Orthodox Christian 
> Eastern Europe; rise of Hinduism, India; spread of Buddhism to 
> Tibet, 
> Korea, Japan; T'ang Dynasty, China; rise of kingdoms in southeast 
> Asia, Indonesia (Borobadur, Java); ascendency of Tiahuanaco, Andes; 
> Polynesian civilization, Oceania; early flourishing of Nigerian 
> civilization.
> > 
> > 11. 830 - 1224
> > Collapse of Classic Maya and Central Mexican civilization, 1 Reed 
> Quetzacoatl and rise of Toltecs; Chan Chan and Chimu civilization 
> Andes; rise of I'fe Nigeria; flourishing and spread of Islam and 
> confrontation with Christian civilization - the Crusades; rise of 
> Tibetan civilization; Sung Dynasty, China, printing press, 
> gunpowder; 
> Khmer Dynasty, Southeast Asia. Great Zimbabwe, East Africa.
> > 
> > 12. 1224 - 1618
> > Expansion of Islam to India, Central and Southeast Asia, West 
> Africa; seclusion of Tibet; rise of Turks, Mongols, conquest of 
> China; seclusion of Japan; rise of Zimbabwe, east Africa, I'fe and 
> Benin, West Africa; peak of Christian civilization, West Europe, and 
> rise of Orthodox Russian civilization, East Europe; Reformation and 
> spilt of Christian Church; spread and triumph of European 
> civilization in conquest of Inca and Aztec empires; beginning of 
> European colonization, decline of sacred world view (hidden seed).
> > 
> > 13. 1618 - 2012
> > Rise and Triumph of scientific materialism, European world 
> conquest, Industrial Revolution, Democratic revolutions of America, 
> Europe; colonialism of Africa, Latin America, Asia; 
> industrialization 
> of Japan; Karl Marx and the rise of communism; communist revolutions 
> of Russia, China; World Wars I and II; atomic bomb and nuclear era; 
> rise of Third World Powers, Islam, Mexico, and India; global 
> terrorism and collapse of civilization; Earth purification and final 
> era of global regeneration; information age and crystal solar 
> technology; galatic synchronization.
> > 
> > 
> > 
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