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Keely energies and central Suns...

Feb 23, 2002 01:29 AM
by Morten Sufilight

Hi Brigitte and all of you,

Brigitte wrote in :

Blavatsky mentioned in the SD a "central sun" in the Milky Way, "a 
point unseen and mysterious, the ever-hidden center of attraction of 
our Sun and system. '

Answer: You have my word for, that this place exists - and is very alive and kicking !

Answer: World conspiracies are booming these days. And with Sathya Sai Baba having followers at the United Nations (, and with socalled theosophical Alice A. Bailey groups (Robert Mueller School for children !; -- ) having the same, and with all other kinds of - sort of - new religious movements present (so to speak) at the United Nations -- THINGS are happening.

And via the URI - The United Religions Initiative; ( --, -- and with the more recent changes in structure of United Nations; and a greater number of the SORT OF aryan initiative to make everything democratic WESTERNISED - although wellmeaning (for instance - this one amon many -- I think -- that we are seeing a new interntational body - of a very special kind - being formed - especially due to our information age.

What I am saying is, that -- the gaps -- between POLITICS at the United Nations -- and -- RELIGION -- Theosophy or not, Orthodox or not etc. -- is papidly closing in.

All this is according to my view due to - the present information society globally seen, the present very fast transportation systems also globally seen etc. It is most likely also happening because of the present problems -- which peoples use of science-inventions as such pose to humanity (i.e. nuclear energy, genetic engineering, cloning, Internet, electronic virus, space flights, antigravity etc.

One can fear the the ARYAN view (cultural imperialism - in trade, Internet, movies etc.) is demolishing the honest and good Middle Eastern views and India hindu views - of those who really are seeking - peace, truth, and a much less overconsuming lifestyle (a lla Las Vegas etc.) than the western countries - (USA especially) and other bad habbits, which we all see coming from the western countries -- gaining acces to the Middle East.

That some people take and -- TWIST and TURN -- the teachings of Theosophy as put forward by Blavatsky, and the teachings of theosophy (the wisdom teaching of all ages) in general -- is not new. It has happened many times earliere in history.

The questions are: 
1. What is the core teaching of theosophy - i.e. the wisdom teachings of all ages ?? 
2. Is it theosophy as presented by the various theosophical groups -- i.e. Adyar Theosophy, Pasadena Theosophy, ULT Theosophy, Summit Light House (etc.), Alice A. Bailey gropus, -- or even Brigittes mentioned Neo-Nazi groups, or is it another group -- for instance the Sai Baba Orgnaization or The Robert Mueller Schools playing with United Nations -- or this Clone Group ( -- playing with the Congress of U.S.A ??
3. Or is it not only one of these - but a certain number of them ??
4. Or is it something else; - maybe the spiritual personalities (helping the Planet) of today are the important ones ??
5. Which MAGIC will win at the end evolution (and the 'many' Manavantaras) ?? 
The good one ?? (I definitely think so. I have no doubt - only a lot of patience, -- i.e. I hope) The bad one ?? (Answer is no.)

Anyone any comments ?

There are many paths to follow.

I think that URI (United Religions Initiative) is and will be a very important body in the future. (About 800 Angelic bishops has joined - last I was reading on the issue.)
United Nattions will have to listen more and more to religious statements - when the future - comes to discuss - methods of human survival and sustainability, - sustainable development etc.

It right now seems, that everyone wants a 'piece of the cake' so to speak.

To clarify another email: 'Spinning' is to me mainly to rotate. 'A spinning head' is a symbol with several meanings.

"If you want special illumination, look upon the human face: See clearly within laughter the Essence of Ultimate Truth." 
(the sufi and one of the greatest poets of Persia -- Jalaluddin Rumi; d. 1273)

Sufilight with a United body - working for PEACE...Oeeh... has anyone seen my flying spoon ?

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