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Regarding Mayan Galatic Synchronization Beam

Feb 22, 2002 07:20 PM
by Mic Forster

Re: That Mayan Post.

This Galatic Synchronization Beam corresponds well to the Theosophical doctrine that everything is conscious. Having just written the history of civilization on Earth it became apparent that what I was writing was like a biography. It may just be that the Earth is going though a incarnation where it must experience the joys and pitfalls that civilization, as an entity onto itself, offers. Joys: unbelievable construction feats, eg Great Wall, Pyramids etc; Pitfalls: conflict, war, atomic bombs, environmental terrorism etc. If this theory is correct then this incarnation has only ten years to go. What lays in the never there's something you don't tell a kid just before bedtime.

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