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RE: Theos-World Does it really matter?

Feb 22, 2002 05:40 AM
by dalval14

Friday, February 22, 2002

Dear Mic:

Your are "dead on." The value of the philosophy or the
presentation of subjects is inherent in them, and has nothing to
do with the person who does the presenting or the work of

The only other factor is to consider the "audience" or the
"readership," if there are several. Not everyone is a clear
minded and perceptive.

Many confuse the value of that which is written with the
character of the writer. And if the writer's character is
impugned or sullied, the reader may begin to doubt, and to
suspect the purity and the disinterestedness of the offering.
This then, may degenerate into a feeling (but not KNOWING), into
a suspicion that the material or the "teaching" is inexact, or
written with a trap hidden in it in some way.

There is a great difference between ordinary story writing or
text-book writing and Theosophy. That is because Theosophy is a
statement of facts and of history in Nature, as well as, it
indicates the kind of discipline of a moral type which alone will
open the hidden doors of causal and operative Nature.
Impersonality, honesty, sincerity, truthfulness,
disinterestedness, honor, verity, are some of the qualifications
for such matters. Some call it "occultism" and others speak of
"esotericism." Both forget that the moment anything is broadcast
it cases being either "occult," or "esoteric." It becomes
materialized in some way and then subject to argument, criticism,
discussion... and, depending on the capacity of any of the
individuals who do that , so will the end result be. Truth is
unaffected. The applications may be.

Further, H P B claims that this presentation we have of Theosophy
is one that comes directly from the ancient and un-dying MASTERS
OF WISDOM -- men, once like ourselves, who have raised their
personalities to such a pitch that the truths innate in the
Universe are epitomized in their words. They have become wise by
self-effort, and they KNOW. If you read The SECRET DOCTRINE you
will find she attributes to Them an intelligent hand, as agents
of the Nature of the Universe, in the formation of the galaxies,
worlds our Earth and the evolution of mankind. They are agents
for the vast Karma of all those bodies, and as such cannot
deviate from the paths of exactitude in all things. And that is
a "tall order."

Obviously this is a claim, and cannot be substantiated except, as
you suggest, by referring to what they WROTE. Obviously, also it
means something important only to those who have chosen to become
special devotees of theirs. And for this reason any attempt to
deride, to distort or to degrade Their position and sacrifice, is
viewed with horror by those devotees. I would like to think of
myself as one of those.

The three most important books we have for consultation, are in
my opinion: The SECRET DOCTRINE, the MAHATMA LETTERS and the
VOICE OF THE SILENCE -- it will take some years of perseverance
to acquire a facility with those. But application to personal
life is of great importance. There are great moral implications
in the concepts of Universal Unity, Universal causation, Human
brotherhood, Karma and Reincarnation. An understanding of the
implications of those will change one's outlook and way of life.

Best wishes.


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From: Mic Forster []
Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2002 1:15 PM
Subject: Theos-World Does it really matter?

Good Morning All,

I was just sitting here pondering about the historical names in
Theosophy and came to the conclusion that it doesn't really
matter who said what to who and when. Is not Theosophy about
seeking the truth? Are not all truths universal? And that being
the case, it doesn't matter who said what because nobody owns a
"thought" or "a statement" or for that matter anything.
Everything that has ever been said, written etc in the entire
history of everything was always going to be said/ written etc.
Everything that will be said in the future was always going to
said. HPB might as well be PBH or PHB or, for that matter, /#&.
The point is what has been said has been said and we should
ponder on this and search for the validity of what was said, we
should not be searching for the validity of the person who said
it. As far as I am concerned an absolute dreg of humanity could
have written SD and it wouldn't matter: it is the message that is
more important.

Now that is not to say that researching historical figures is
futile. What I am saying is that this exercise is more
therapeutic and is valid in the fact that it puts at ease one's
own mind, rather than settling anything of importance.

My 0.02

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