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Re: Theos-World The future of Theosophy.

Feb 22, 2002 02:28 AM
by Morten Sufilight

Hi Leon and all of you,

At home. Webmaster School closed today, because of too much snow in Denmark.

Yes Yes I do care for both Brigitte and you. But I am maybe not so good at expressing it.

Recently a sufi send this:
"The path is found nowhere but in service to the 

To Brigitte:
One could consider, that the words "zero point energy" could be mentioned elsewhere in the SD (Secret Doctrine of Blavatsky) - just simply using a different name - or word construction. And by use of analogical thinking - of philosophy, one could maybe get even more enlightened on, what Blavatsky was up to, while writing the book the SD - and the issue of "zero point energy".

This reminds me of a book called "The Center of the Cyclone" by John C. Lilly.

Maybe the - "Compiler" - will make some articles on Theosophy compared withthe use of drugs and narcotics - and the aura. One could hope for that.

"zero point energy" could maybe translate to spiritual "one-pointedness", -a term used by Sathya Sai Baba.

IMPORTANT is the spiritual ideas, the thoughts, the moral - and NOT the personalities, the prejudice, the ignorance, the inadequate knowledge, the appearent truth, assumed truth, assumed knowledge, and the like...

To Leon:
The girls are not "dull" - they are "dolls" - i mean real DOLLS. 
Agreed ?
Some girls like to dominate. Ax or not, I havn't seen one.

And Brigitte and others could try this again

Here is some that one either should seek to - just do - while getting rid of bad habits - by changing ones thoughtpatterns (Remember, that you yourself are deciding, what is a bad habit), - one can here use Senzar if necessary :
To practise is to always be concerned with God or ParaBrahman (abstract or not)...To always be patient. To have some faith in the beginning, that there really is more to the world than to die and then be gone.
To never give up (God or Good) no matter how tough life gets.
To always help and never hurt, as far as possible.To act intensely for the good cause - best one can. And that if one does ones best, that is allright. 
To be really humble and not faking it. To care.
People often say "don't mind" and "It doesn't matter". But I will say "Do mind" and "Do matter".

Tragically people often seems to think that "if it feels good to my ego - then I do it" and "the one who has most toys when he dies - wins the game".
Or "the one who has produced most emails before - the coffin closes the net- is nerdmaster." To avoid ignorance. To avoid prejudice.

Sufilight with another Rugrat called Care...and a flying mouse...

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Subject: Re: Theos-World The future of Theosophy.

> Hi Sufilight,
> Check my response to Brigitte in re her misquote of me out of context, as 
> well as her misinterpretation of the SD and HPB's full understanding of the 
> zero (laya) point and the unified multidimensional ("coadunate but not 
> consubstantial") energy fields that surround and encompass it. Her ax is 
> beginning to grind a bit dull, don't you think?:-)
> In a message dated 02/21/02 7:33:35 PM, writes:
> >Hi Brigitte and all of you,
> >
> >Brigitte wrote:
> >
> >Brigitte: The inventor of "zero point energy" was Keely who lived in 
> >> Philadelphia at the same time as HPB, and HPB mentioned zero point 
> >> energy in the SD only in relationship to him.
> >
> >Question: Why ONLY in relationship to Keely ? Why not for other reasons
> >?
> >
> >from
> >Sufilight with a terrible Rugrat...and a spinning head...
> >
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> >Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2002 4:32 PM
> >Subject: Theos-World The future of Theosophy.
> >
> >
> >> Eldon : "People want nice stories that tell things
> >> in myth and metaphor."
> >> 
> >> Leon:"zero point energy theory (which was presaged by HPB as 
> >> scientific discoveries to come in the 20th century)"
> >> 
> >> Brigitte: The inventor of "zero point energy" was Keely who lived in
> >
> >> Philadelphia at the same time as HPB, and HPB mentioned zero point 
> >> energy in the SD only in relationship to him.
> >>  
> >>  
> > 
> >> Bri.
> >> 
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