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Re: Theos-World Re: Masters and the ES

Feb 21, 2002 04:29 AM
by MKR

Dennis, well done.

Wood lived in Houston during his last days and there has been no allegations against him questioning his integrity, as far as I know. In India, he was very highly regarded.

Of course his running for the "democratic" office of the International President made him a marginalized person in the TS(Adyar) organization.

Prior to Kessinger reprinting the book a couple of years ago, I never saw a single copy during over three decades having been to many Branch libraries with extensive collections, and the feeling one gets is that main-line organizational leaders did not want membership to read the book. I have only seen 2 copies of the book in the last four decades before Kessinger reprint.


At 03:59 PM 2/20/02 -0800, Dennis Kier wrote:

> ramadoss@: "When I am able to locate the exact reference"
> That would be interesting, expecially regarding the 2e letter about
> the 7 rays. And who did Wood decided the Masters where, living on
> of snow capped Tibet ?
You are consistently mixing up the word "Where", with the word "Were",
as in the last sentence, "decided the Masters where".

********from a dictionary CD, ---

were (wur; unstressed wer) pl. & 2d pers. sing., past indic., and the
past subjunc., of be
[ME weren < OE waron, akin to Ger waren < Gmc base *waz- < IE base
*wes-: see was]

(C)1995 Zane Publishing, Inc. (C)1994, 1991, 1988 Simon & Schuster,

It is one of many words that pepper your writings in English. Both are
correctly spelled, so your spelling checker won't catch it. It makes
your writing difficult to read and make sense of.


I doubt there is any use in pointing you to the references. I could
scan them in, but given your methods and beliefs, why bother. I will
give the references, and let you look them up if you wish.

The first instance is at the bottom of page 90. [The Kessinger reprint
is a photo copy, so the pages should remain the same with the
Wood is in meditation. Suddenly he became aware of the Master
standing opposite him, and questioning him about his motives. He
passes the exam, and also sees Olcott, & HPB talking and vowing to
send him to India. What would Bri make of this?

On page 158, & p.159, he is visiting a highly evolved Moslem guru. For
various reasons, there was an offer of becoming a disciple of this
guru. Wood was tempted, but doubtful, and said that he needed to talk
with Mrs. Besant before giving an answer. He was urged to give his
answer at once, and while the guru was trying to persuade him, he saw
the same Master who had questioned him in England (page 90), standing
behind the guru, giving him a warning expression, so he insisted that
he had to talk with Mrs. Besant. She questioned her Master about it,
who told her that it must be Wood's decision alone. Mr. Wood
ultimately declined the opportunity, and stayed with Theosophy.

On page 166 he visited an old man near the railway station of
Tiruvallam, who had been living there for many years, and ultimately
lived with him for a week or so. He was reputed to be one of the
Masters. P. 167: "The old gentleman spoke very freely of occult
matters, talked about the various Masters familiar to Theosophists,"
and had evidently met with HPB and Olcott in meetings that they wrote

On page 317, he had lost the election to succeed Besant, and, while
working in the garden, was told to go to the library, and, "When I
arrived there I found the Master standing near the table, and the
whole room throbbing--- as it appeared to me--- with his aura. He
thanked me, for himself and his colleagues, for what I had done in
connection with the election...."

So, as you see, Bri would only weave extensive fantacies about drugs,
visions, and all sorts of things of this. Perhaps traces of HPB's
smoking tobacco wafted through the premices at Adyar long after her
departure to cause Mr. Wood to percieve the Master's presence?

Mr. Wood's books are very easy to read, and very interesting in his
comments both good and critical about Mrs. Besant, Mr. Leadbeater, and
Mr. Krishnamurti, and he has telling criticisms of them all.

> --- In theos-talk@y..., ramadoss@i... wrote:
> > There are perhaps three instances. I may be wrong about the timing
> of the
> > first one which seems to have taken place soon after he formally
> joined TS.
> > The first and third instances, as I recall, were of some personal
> advise.
> > The second one was when he got the information which was the basis
> for his
> > book on Seven Rays. As I recall, there was a discussion about the
> first and
> > third instances in one of his books. When I am able to locate the
> exact
> > reference, I will post a msg.
> >
> > mkr
> >
> > At 03:13 AM 2/15/02 +0000, you wrote:
> > >Reg."there is the case of communication that Ernest Wood had
> > >before he was in TS."
> > >
> > >Could you give us some details about the content of these
> > >communications and when where they where exactly received ?
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > >--- In theos-talk@y..., ramadoss@i... wrote:
> > > > At 12:41 PM 2/13/02 -0500, Larry F Kolts wrote:
> > > > >If, however, it were true, as Paul seemed to allude to, that
> the
> > >attitude
> > > > >within TS-Adyar is that only those within the Eoteric Section
> have
> > >a
> > > > >right to messages from the Masters, then such an attitude
> > >represent
> > > > >every bit as much a fundimentalist position as those in ULT.
> > >fact,
> > > > >that exclusivity mindset would be akin to the Roman Catholic
> > >postion that
> > > > >the Pope is the Vicar of Christ or the Mormon postion that
> their
> > > > >President,Prophet, Seer and Revelator is the sole recipient
> > > > >revelations from God.
> > > > >
> > > > >So I ask again, does anyone know of this position? I would
> > >actually love
> > > > >to be told- no way, that not at all how we think-but I
> it
> > > > >important to have all the cards on the table in this matter
> > >all be
> > > > >open and honest if we are to reach any sort of consensus.
> > > >
> > > > I do not know what the belief/attitude in TS-Adyar is. This
> issue
> > >of
> > > > communications with Mahatmas, it is worth noting that in the
> early
> > >days,
> > > > there were many communications from Mahatmas to many who were
> not
> > >in any
> > > > was associated with TS. Also, there is the case of
> > >that
> > > > Ernest Wood had even before he was in TS. I see no reason why
> there
> > >should
> > > > be any change.
> > > >
> > > > >My second question was a historical one. Who is the last
> person to
> > >have
> > > > >claimed to have recieved as message from a Master? Let's get
> that
> > >far if
> > > > >we can and then I'll comment further depending on what the
> facts
> > >are. No
> > > > >sense laying an elaborate foundation for something that may
> turn
> > >out to
> > > > >be a straw man.
> > > >
> > > > The last widely acknowledged communication was a letter in
> > >from KH to
> > > > Annie Besant in which KH mentions about esoteric popery!
> > > >
> > > > mkr
> > > >

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