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Re: Theos-World Sai Baba, Blavatsky, and Daniel's Nirmankaya, versus World Av...

Feb 19, 2002 02:19 PM
by samblo

In reg. to the video detection you related in the post. Video is 
30 frames/sec.
I defer to Leon's expert skills but as I have also Produced 
Television mostly on
Umatic 3/4 inch medium, I can say that edit points are + or - 3 
frames, and even then one can still see the edit cut. If the cut is 5 
frames or 1/6th sec it is obvious,
so please tell me what they are implying? Are they saying that Sai 
Baba by 
sleight of hand did manipulations of 1/10th second? Or 1/6th second? 
Or what?
Why was it necessary to go frame by frame -- 1/30th of a second? 

I also question their terming the manifestations as "Miracles." 
Perhaps to
them it is only by falling back on Religious imprint and jargon which 
skeptics in
the main disdain that they find a term they consider useful which isa 
of their own philosophy. To the accomplished Siddhi Yoga they are not 
I propose they view it as only a process they accomplish using Natural 
abilities they     
have acquired. Once I witnessed some productions many years ago and 
they were
characterized as "Cheap Thrills" by he who produced them not 

Also in regard to your post about the German UFO's, I took the 
liberty of forwarding it to a close friend of over 25 years whose 
perspective I value as well 
as his encyclopedic knowledge and personal experience in the UFO realm. 
He is
the current President of Skywatch International, William F. Hamilton 
III. Below I post his return comments: 

Subj: Re: Fwd: Theos-World Keely, “Science” in the SD, and its 
Date: 2/19/02 5:14:09 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Bill Hamilton)

Well, I see the science fiction story of the Haunebu saucer
is still making the rounds. No evidence of such a development
has ever turned up.

Prior to 1950, no claim was made of any successful flight by high 
performance circular or spherical aircraft in Germany during the war.

No contemporary documentary evidence (from before 1946) has been produced 
regarding any successful flight by high performance circular or spherical 
aircraft in Germany during the war.

The only sources of original information and evidence for the wide, circular 
'Schriever, Habermohl, Miethe and Bellonzo Flying Disc' come from a brief 
newsagency report quoted in Der Spiegel in 1950, under the name of a 
"Captain Rudolph Schriever" (also possibly appearing at the same time in the 
Italian press), and from German Secret Weapons of the Second World War by 
Major Rudolf Lusar, published in Germany in 1957, and in London and New York 
in 1959. Schriever seems to suggest that the craft did not progress beyond 
blueprint stage, but Lusar appears to have taken the 'Schriever' account, 
turned the planned speed and height figures into ones that had actually been 
achieved, changed some of the technical details, and added the vague, 
non-technical drawing of this supposed craft which has been reprinted in 
various contexts since.

Guess the ETH is still the best bet.


>Subject: Fwd: Theos-World Keely, “Science” in the SD, and its 
>aftermath. Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 19:02:01 EST
><< message3.txt >>

Bill Hamilton
Executive Director
Skywatch International, Inc.


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