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Re: Theos-World Re: Sanskrit terms and book-lore or metaphysics.

Feb 19, 2002 04:19 AM
by Morten Sufilight

Hi Brigitte and all of you,

Thanks for your questions.

To answer first question:
Well - yes, primarily theosophy. But I am referring to other areas of teaching too.

To answer second question:
1. I have made an email to theos-talk describing my views - some few weeks ago.

Here they are again:
You know I live in Denmark far away from India.
When being a child I had a friend - a little - troll - with red clothes helping me.
When I later came to learn of Sathya Sai Baba he resembled that little troll.
I have also had a dream with Sai Baba - about some family affairs, but theyare not to be made official.
And I have had other strange encounters with Sai Baba involved.
But he/she (Sai Baba also acts as a woman) is not the only one I have had strange encounters with.

2. About: Sathya Sai Baba from India.
I don't KNOW much. But I can answer questions about his teachings. I have at home about 500 pages overview of his teachings - compiled by Al Drucker and other close devotees of Sai Baba. These pages are referring to either one or more of Sai Baba's own books - or to books made by weelknown educated Sai Baba devotees - some of them are former devotees today - and some are dead (physically speaking).

Story's about Sai Baba:
1. I know of a girl in Denmark who had visited Sai Baba. He made ICE-cubes to her - out of the thin air (!) - while the tempeature was well above 30 Celsius.
Well I don't know where he hides Icecubes on him. If anyone has an idea - then let me know. (Maybe he has a small mini-freezer on him somewhere ?)
2. Another one - a guy in Denmark claim to have seen him physically in his own kitchen.
3. A welthy woman in USA had a visit of a burglar. She came to her special Sai Baba room - where she had a - natural size photo of Sai Baba standing on an alter or the like. The burglar was in them room. The woman got frightened - a prayed Sai Baba for help. And suddely Sai Baba jumped out of the photo. The burglar - suddenly got busy running out and away. (I can't confirmthis story, but I think it is funny.)
4. A woman in Denmark gave a lecture on Sai Baba shortly after her arravialback home in Denmark. She said, that one of the women who lived with her in one of the bungalow's/appartments at Puttaparthi (Sai Baba's headquarter so to speak), - thought, that if Sai Baba really was who he said he was (i.e. the avatar of the age), then he would certainly make a rose appear in the sky.
She told, the woman from Denmark that a day later or so. Then later while staying in Puttaparthi, she suddenly saw a rose in the sky, while she was looking out of the window of the bungalow - and the danish woman and a few other followers also saw it.
5. It is said, that he (or should I say she) came to a hospital in India once. There he came in with white clothes on - looking like a nurse. He came in - as a woman - to another woman and cured her from a severe disease. (But I can't confirm the story.)

And there are numerous other stories about Sai Baba - and strange events taking place. I have more of them from Denmark and elsewhere.

As for his alleged - 'fakings' and 'sexual abuses'. I am open on that. But I haven't seen, what I call, any real proof's on it yet. But I am all ears on it.
Well people didn't like Jesus either, so what is new?
One shall know them on their fruits.

There is a old book, which was written about the same time as the Quran. The name has slipped my mind right now, but it is said to be the gnostic bible of the Middle East. This book talks about an avatar coming. The avatar isdecribed. The describtion - is that a small man with curly hair like a crown, will come as a savoir. - Quite interesting right ?

In the Bible - the savoir at doomsday - has the word 'truth' written on him.
Interesting - that 'Sathya' means 'truth'.
Sathya Sai Baba says that he is the one who Jesus Christ said would come.
I.e. the Spokesman - the Spirit of Truth.

I have been a member of the Sathya Sai Organization for a few years. But I dropped out. I felt that I had other things to take care of.

Being devoted like a little doggy - is not so bad. But if the human is bad - well then the human is bad - right ? (So the doggy should watch out. Right?)
Some doggy's are afraid and some doggy's are biting human's. Why it is so, well ask God - ParaBrahman or maybe your very own self.

And for the record: Sai Baba has several times - officially - said that he is against blind faith, and that people should cultivate their characters !
But a lot of Sai devotees - doesn't really listen, I think ! (They are likedogs after a biscuit.)

What I think about him ? Well someone said, that he was an ALIEN ! (funny)
I think, that that covers it perfectly ! Don't think he is a ordinary guy(or girl) - for sure.
One shall know them on their fruits - right ?
Sai Baba has done good to many people. So to say he is entirely bad, I think would be really wrong.

Just ask if you want some info on Sai Baba. I can compare his teachings (called Purushothama Yoga) with theosophy - if it has any interest.
Others might also help.

But, what about the so very important word 'character', what do you have onthat Brigitte ?? How have you developed that during your studies ??

I hope this is okay ?

Sufilight with answers and a weird look in his eyes...

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> With "Sanskrit terms and book-lore or metaphysics", are you referring 
> to Isis and the SD, or the later Theosophical literature ?
> And what do you know about Sai Baba as current world Avatar ?
> Bri.
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> > A Barnard -quote
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> > "Some folk like to spout a lot of Sanskrit terms like Prana, 
> Pranayama, and Karma and what not, as if there were some virtue in 
> foreign words, but it would do their souls a power more good to be on 
> a course of household drudgery, scrubbing floors and so 
> forth...because the first step towards merging with Brahm or God or 
> the Infinite or the Universal Spirit or whatever you like to call it 
> is a sympathetic understanding of one's fellow men. The background of 
> true Yoga is not book-lore or metaphysics but character. Without 
> character all the book-lore and metaphysics are sounding brass and 
> tinkling symbols." --Pierre Bernard 
> >
> > 
> > 
> > One might not agree with Pierre Bernard alias Oom the Omnipotent 
> alias JMH (the Initiated of Cyril Scott, but the above seems allright.
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> > from
> > Sufilight doing the floors...together with some scholars and 
> Ph.d's....
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