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Re: Theos-World Theosophy and Science

Feb 18, 2002 09:28 AM
by adelasie

Dear Ramadoss,

The danger you mention of esoteric information being used in the 
wrong way is definitely a real one. And yet, it seems, given the 
perfect justice of karma, that if a piece of information is available 
to humanity, to scientists, it must be true that humanity has earned 
the right to use it as best it can. We can imagine that there must be 
further information to be "discovered" at some later date, even more 
potentially powerful, but at this as at any given point in our 
evolution, we have the opportunity to use what we know for the 
benefit of all. 

Modern technology provides us with many examples. Electronic 
communication, for instance, allows us to send out our ideas to many 
more people than previously possible. How do we use this? Do we use 
deductive reasoning to promote our side of an issue, without 
considering the opposite view? Do we try to reason inductively and 
present all sides of an issue so that our readers can make up their 
own minds? What about genetic engineering? Is it possible that the 
work being done in this area is potentially beneficial to humanity, 
or is it the result of misuse of the laws of nature for personal 

More important, to my mind, is the question, what role does the 
theosophist play in this scenario? If we feel, as theosophy teaches, 
that our duty is to contribute to the evolution of our race toward a 
universal consciousness of the unity of all life, how are we to do 
this? What effect can we have on the trends of scientific research? 
Do we have any power to help direct the action of science, or of 
anything, toward the goal of positive application? 

Any thoughts?


On 17 Feb 2002 at 23:35, MKR wrote:

> Well put. Once we understand how the word *works*, then it is awful
> power in the hands of the person who knows it and it is very likely
> the power be used for selfish use - taking advantage of the knowledge
> for personal gains -- either now or hereafter.
> While we may get bits and pieces of the operation of nature, an
> intelligent person can pick them up and understand how to act so that
> actions generate welfare and fairness to everyone.
> As you stated, since we do not see the whole picture, our
> understanding and conclusions based on a piece of the puzzle is bound
> to be wrong for most of the time.
> My .02
> mkr

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