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Re: Theos-World put in it your own words first

Feb 17, 2002 05:36 PM
by MKR

Thanks for your well reasoned response. Like to share some thoughts on one of your comments quoted below.

When we present theosophy or any other matter, in practice, however, there is going to be bias whether they are conscious or unconscious. Also when one is active in any organization or expects anything from any organization, or fear from the organization, then unbiased statement of ones views may become very very difficult. The organizations do give inducements to make those who belong to it - material or non material .

When independent views are exhibited, when they are unacceptable to the organization or its leadership, no matter how truthful the views are, organizations tend to marginalize the individual.

So it would be a good idea to get some background of the individual and his/her relationships with organizations and other individuals as these may give us some help in examining the individuals views as we can keep the this fact in the background and discount appropriately.

In maillists, it is not unusual to find some who take radical views hide under a pseudonym since they dare not to stand up in open and disclose who they are and where they come from.


At 03:36 PM 2/17/02 -0500, Bill Meredith wrote:
Now, one could argue, and it has been argued, that the personal biases and
background are unimportant in the presentation of theosophy. The ancient
wisdom speaks for itself and vibrates within us those chords of timeless
truth carried on the shoulders of present faith.

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