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Email - DESIGNERS and their friends...

Feb 17, 2002 01:01 PM
by Morten Sufilight

Hi all of you,

I am back from a family weekend.

A comment and some views:

I think that people - which are not developed fully, - from time to time - make what we ordinarily call a mistake or some mistakes.

Some of them will not admit they make mistakes - and/or are afraid of losing 'face' so to speak.

Others - really regret their mistake or mistakes, and 'get face' by doing that - or very often they at least get respect.

Some people are from time to time (whether they know it or not) using up their - valuable spiritual time to quarrel about issues, not concerning the - real teaching of wisdom, - rather about who is going to lose 'face' - this time or the next. Let us just call it a view.

Those who consider - wisdom teaching - to be - merely - intellectual maneuvers on wisdom or theosophy etc. will be surprised to learn that they are deeply mistaken - in their view. Intellectual academic research is and will always be well - below - the research done with real true wisdom.
And therefore it should NOT be the major part of theosophical teaching.

If one really do care about - our valuable life, and its possible meaning, - then one ought to do more reasearch on the words of wisdom - rather than the words of the intellect, although both are important.

To me emails on wisdom are kind of DESIGNS. As designs they make the readers (receivers) of them - react. If the reader is an ernest - student of the wisdom teaching of all ages or theosophy - then an honest initiated of a proper level will measure - this reaction, and a new design will come in to place when - the time and place etc. is right for it.
The new design will not necessarily be an email - it could be something completly different.

In the question of bad - "designers" or people. They can never really harm anyone - except themselves, and that is bad enough. Only each individuals Karma can be hurting. Only justice can happen. God - ParaBrahman is not allowing unjust events in the universe of life. Only - unclever - ignorance makes people think, that God is stupid making all these - sufferings occur on this Planet - at our present hours.

Let us not be like the pharisees in The New Testament, (the academic scholars on religion), who thought - 'we are not blind - we can see' (i.e. 'we are not ignorant'). And yet they didn't understand - the teaching of Jesus on wisdom, - continued to be ignorant - i.e. BLIND. They ignored his allegorical teachings of wisdom ! (Even - Christ used "the 7 keys" - which the theosophist Blavatsky mentions in the book The Secret Doctrine).

To ignore wisdom - doesn't make it fly away and disappear.

And really: As a theosophist or follower of the teachings of wisdom of all ages - I can NOT and will NOT agree with those who think, that being a theosophical personality, or author, or being a academic Ph.d., or another kind of (WESTERN) academic scholar counts MORE - than NOT having an academic Ph.d., or being an author, or having a (WESTERN) academic education, or being just an ordinary person, or the like.

How do we get beyond - debates on the level of 'emotional thea and talk'.

As for 'Proof' - the five letter word TRUTH is still around. And one can't get rid of it.
'There is no religion higher than the truth'.
There are different levels of truth - no doubt there.

All is maya, but the truth is shown there. This entire universe can't exists without truth. As a definition ParaBrahman - God is TRUTH.
I like positive remarks.
To say there is not 'proof' - is to me to say, there is no 'truth', and to say there is no 'ParaBrahman' - no 'Neti, Neti' (i.e. no 'not this, not that'). I think that is (for instance ) - a - buddhist view.

(Who I am: I have been studying theosophy for more than 20 years now. This email is the - present result of that. I am living physically in Denmark.)

These were just some views.
Feel free to do your best.

Sufilight with some Middle Eastern Rugrats and their...showers of sweet love and best whishes...

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