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Brigitte's latest strange statements

Feb 16, 2002 11:11 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Brigitte wrote:

> So then pls explain why Paul Steve and myself should be forced to 
> discuss Daniel's version of his Master visitations with him ? 
> Daniel since for many months now, since before he was trown of 
> Universal Seekers for that same reason has been challenging Steve 
> and myself to discuss this matter with him.

I am puzzled why Brigitte is insisting that I am trying to "force", 
for example, Steve to discuss "Daniel's version of his Master 
visitations with him"?

Steve was very kind to give to me his opinion on Olcott's encounters 
with the Masters. This was only NINE DAYS AGO.

See Steve's direct reply at:

There was no need to force Steve to do anything. He gave his honest 
opinion and that was that.

As far as I can tell Brigitte has been the one to avoid at any cost 
clarifying her statements. I've never seen any one work so hard at 
not answering a question!! :)

Brigitte also writes:

> And why does Daniel constantly take qutes from me (things I said 
> where NOT related to historical idea of what really these "Masters" 
> where) , including Steve and Paul, out of context ?

Notice here that Brigitte does NOT specify what quotes she is 
referring to. And she, certainly, does not explain how I took 
them "out of context". 

Then Brigitte says she is not going to ever talk about all of this on 
Theos-Talk and if she does broach the subject again it will only be 
in private or possibly on Universal Seekers.

Is this approach by Brigitte a good example of neutral, objective 

As I said in my last email, I will not attempt again to ask Brigitte 
for her scholarly opinion on Olcott's encounters. 

One of my correspondents believes she is "terrified" to publicly 
reveal her thoughts on the subject. Personally I haven't a clue as 
to what is motivating her in this matter.

In summary, I will simply write and post my promised essay for 
interested readers to peruse. 

Daniel H. Caldwell

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