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Re: Theos-World Brigitte - "attacks" etc.

Feb 16, 2002 05:48 PM
by ramadoss

There appears to be some misunderstanding. In this and other theosophical lists everyone is free to post their opinions, except perhaps trying to recruit members to other lists.

And for all practical purposes, this list is almost unmoderated and I have ever seen Eldon, the list owner trying to "moderate"/"censor".

So if I gave any impression that I am forcing anyone to do anything, that is an error. We can choose to discuss or not discuss any matters.

I hope this should explain.


At 01:36 AM 2/17/02 +0000, bri_mue wrote:
In any case Steve, Paul and myself have our discussions about it on
Universal Seekers, and I doubt if you and Daniel will be able to
force us to do otherwise.
Adelasie has considerable changed her expressions since the time I
was referring to and in fact is on Universal Seekers herself.

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