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Brigitte, "Masters visitations", etc.

Feb 16, 2002 07:18 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Brigitte, you wrote in part:

"Steve Stubbs, Paul Johnson, and myself do not want to discuss the 
subjects reg. 'Masters visitations' the way Daniel wants to enforce 
it with repeated senseless mails on theos talk."

"Steve Stubbs and I . . . have been discussing this subject since 
Januari privately, and due to the harrasment of Daniel Caldwell plus 
the attacks by Adelasie not anymore on theos-talk." 

Brigitte, first of all I was NOT asking Paul and Steve to further 
discuss "Masters visitations." Paul is not even on this forum any 
more, is he? My postings were directed to YOU. But if you do not 
want to fully explain in public your position about Olcott's 
encounters with the Masters, that is fine with me. I won't be asking 
you again for a fuller explanation.

Also if you have decided to only discuss this subject in private with 
Steve, that's fine too. But the hundreds of readers on the two 
largest theosophical discussion groups [Theos-Talk and Theos-L] will 
not be better informed of your insights and views. That is really 
too bad but that of course is your decision, not mine. I believe it 
is far better to discuss these things in public and explore the 
various views, etc. in an objective and scholarly way. Too bad you 
think differently but it's your decision to make.

But you have written enough for readers to judge the trend of your 
thinking on the subject.

And I do intend to still proceed with my essay on "Masters 
visitations" and will post it for readers who may be interested. The 
issues are too important not to address. And the views you have 
already expressed in public and on this forum need to be analyzed and 
compared with other views.

Good to know you are participating on Universal Seekers. If you 
confine your attention and postings to Universal Seekers then maybe 
there will be less negativity on this theosophical forum. For 
example, it is unfair of you to mention Adelasie as you do above. If 
you think Adelasie's remarks are "attacks" I wonder what some readers 
may think of your own remarks? :)

Daniel H. Caldwell

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