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Daniel Caldwell's "distortions of the truth" ??

Feb 15, 2002 10:15 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Brigitte, you wrote:

> We would have more peacefull and interresting discussions 
> that would enrich all if the above where applied. But Daniel 
> Caldwell's constant harrasment and distortions of the truth doesn't 
> help verry much

Brigitte, please explain in direct and straightforward language 
my "distortions of the truth" that you are referring to?

For example, in my Message at

what did I distort?

OBTW, why don't you set the record straight by explicitly stating 
whether you agree or disagree with what both Steve Stubbs and Paul 
Johnson have written about Olcott's encounters with the Masters. If 
you need to refresh your memory of what they wrote as well as what 
you wrote, see:

I'm sure we could have peaceful and interesting discussions of the 
above. I'm interested in your specific views and even more 
interested in the thinking and reasoning behind your views, etc. And 
would like to know yours views so that I can compare them with 
Johnson's and Stubbs' views.

I will start the ball rolling by saying that my personal views about 
Olcott's encounters with the Masters are similar if not identical to 
what Stubbs writes at:

Do you agree or disagree with Stubbs?

Daniel H. Caldwell

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