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Re: Messages from the Masters part II, to all and Adelasie.

Feb 14, 2002 10:30 AM
by adelasie

Thank you Brigitte,

I appreciate being able to know where this information came from. 

On 14 Feb 2002 at 11:19, brigitte muehlegger wrote:

> The Olcott and Judge opposing Master messages can be read in the book
> length expose of this episode in Edmund Garrett "Isis Very Much
> Unveiled, the Story of the Great Mabatma Hoax", also see Bertram
> Keightley, "A Common-Sense View of Mr.Judges's Circular."(Privatly
> Printed), and Arthur Lillie, "Madame Blavatsky and her Theosophy."

The lengthy historical account points quite clearly to me to the 
difficulty human beings, with our finite minds and hardened hearts, 
have in trying to accept spiritual teachings as guides in our lives. 
But it can be done. It takes hard work, sincere aspiration, and 
rigorous self-examination. And a lot of lifetimes, very likely.

> But the original question I asked still remains, who from the 
> participants of this mailinglists think are the real messangers, and
> who where the once to receive true messages of the Masters ? Judge,
> Olcott in 1894, Besant, Leadbeater, Alice Bailey, I Am, Claire
> Prophet, and so on and so on ?

Personally I would not want to try to judge who gets messages and who 
does not. How can anyone know? The best way to make a personal 
determination (for oneself) is to read the material and measure it 
against what we "know" (personally) to be true, what we have tried 
and tested in our own lives, what our experience has taught us. 
Anyone can say anything, and if we take someone's statements at face 
value without trying to find out if what they are saying fits with 
who we are, what wisdom we have been able to attain to, we will fall 
into some snares of illusion from which we will have to try to 
extricate ourselves. The same holds true for whom we should take as 
teachers in our search. If a person preaches brotherhood but behaves 
in an unbrotherly manner, we might be justified in deciding to search 

However, I am sure that the Masters do communicate with those who are 
open to their teachings. They always have and they always will. It 
might be that, unless instructed otherwise, those who truly have 
earned the right and the ability to receive such communication would 
not expose it as such to a critical and cynical world. They might 
instead just try to use what they learn to do what they have been 
given to do to the best of their ability. It is said that those who 
have had a true inner experience do not talk about it. Only under 
extremely unusual conditions, at certain points in the cycle of 
evolution, such as the founding of the Theosophical Society and all 
that went with it, is it required of the chela that he divulge this 
information, for the purpose of helping humanity. Judging from the 
calumny heaped upon the heads of those who followed those 
instructions, it is easy to see why it might be better, in less 
crucial times, to remain in the background, working silently along 
the same lines. As you know, this is my opinion, based upon my study 
and experience, which is I believe what you asked for.


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