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Re: Theos-World Theosophy and Science Re: A complete short rational theory ... ???

Feb 13, 2002 06:13 PM
by Bill Meredith

Hi Red Rosearian,
Yes, I found some interesting commentary on what you say at the above link.
I think I understand what you mean when you use the term "quality of
consciousness" now. Essentially, you seem to be using the term to 'capture'
the small measure (or absence) of greed, hate, and delusion through which
Einstein's understanding of the SD was processed in comparison to much
larger measure of these same characteristics in Hitler. Point me in the
right direction if I am misunderstanding.

"Quality of consciousness." Interesting phrase.
BTW, nice web page you have.


PS: I also note the highly informative posting that Dallas provided
concerning 'consciousness'. Thanks.

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> I'm sure Hitler had an open mind when he read the SD, otherwise he
> wouldn't have read it in the first place. In this case, an open mind
> doesn't necessarily lead to enlightenment.
> The Kalama Sutta is the best teaching regarding the nature of the
> open, yet questioning mind. It gives clues as to why an individual
> like Einstein interpreted the SD in one way and Hitler in another way
> and why the results were totally different.
> Ponder this, what is the esoteric meaning of an open mind? An open
> mind is not necessarily useful if there's a lot of impurities getting
> in the way of clear communication. The final result can end up
> distorted. Using an exoteric example, we can use the analogy of a
> radio station and a radio to compare how our minds interpret
> information. Depending on the strength of our antennae, we might get
> a clear channel and then again, we might just end up with static.
> This "quality of consciousness" can be compared to where the level of
> our frequency is at.
> --- In theos-talk@y..., "Bill Meredith" <bilmer@s...> wrote:
> > I'm interested in reading more about this "quality of their
> > consciousness" concept. What is this quality? How is it observed
> > in others? In Self? Can it be measured?
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