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Re: Theos-World What did Richard Taylor said ?

Feb 11, 2002 04:53 PM
by Dennis Kier

Bri writes:
> I have traced the sources whence it was taken, and it is a hotch-
> potch from Brahmanical books on Yoga and other Hindu writings;
> Southern Buddhistic books, from the Pali and Sinhalese; and Northern
> Buddhistic writings, from the Chinese and Thibetan, - the whole
> having been taken by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky from translations by,
> and the writings of, European and other Orientalists of to-day. In
> this work are intermingled Sanskrit, Pali, Thibetan, Chinese, and
> Sinhalese terms,a manifest absurdity in a Thibetan work. I have
> traced the books from which each of these terms was taken. I find
> embedded in the text of this alleged ancient Thibetan work
> quotations, phrases, and terms copied from current Oriental
> literature. The books most utilised in its compilation are these:
> Schlagintweit's Buddhism in Thibet, Edkins's's Chinese Buddhism,
> Hardy's Eastern Monachism, Rhys Davids's Buddhism, Dvivedi's Raja
> Yoga, and Raja Yoga Philosophy (1888);

So when are we going to see the proof of your claims? Most all of us
here have both Isis and SD. Since you _claim_ to have gone over all
these "plagarisms", can we expect to see the results of all this work
you _claim_ to have done?

For instance, can we expect you to cite page and paragraph of SD that
are "copied", and page and paragraph in the source book you claim to
have found the exact same text. Many of us have one or more of these
books that you claim to be the source of pages of text in Isis or the
SD. Tell us where to look, in both the source and and HPB book, so
that we can check out your "claims" for ourself.

I am sure that you understand why I request to see the proof, since in
one book where you quoted a paragraph, and I have a copy of the book
myself, and find that the whole book ends 50 pages before the page you
cite as the source of the paragraph that you quote. Is the rest of
your research this sloppy? Why should anyone believe anything you say?
It is easy to make these wild assersions. Do you have any proof that
you are willing to share with anyone?

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