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On Idries Shah...

Feb 11, 2002 07:46 AM
by Morten Sufilight

Hi Brigitte and all of you,

On Idries Shah:

Brigitte wrote:
"However as with Blavatsky's Aryat brotherhood 
> (Mahatmas) "Declaration of People of the Tradition" seems to
> be just one example of Shah school writings that have been produced 
> amounting altogether to well over half million words, and wich have 
> build up the Shah myth."
*How does it SEEM so ?? Ignorance and a small heart can't move the Planets help for peace. I live everyday together with wisdom - and you say that the wise people doesn't exists.*

James Moores biased and welldocumented article is still at : (James Moore being a follower of Gurdjieff has certinaly not understood much).
The claim that Idries Shah never met with Gurdjieff is far-fetched when talking about - the wise esoterics. "Para-transport" is maybe a new word to some but not to Gurdjieff and Idries Shah.

Elwell Sutton (the funny 'Christian') is being put down by Doris Lessing at :
"Dr. Elwell-Sutton evidently has too little information, and it is too late. Shah's reputation is extensive and impressive, at least in this country. His work, said to be based on 1,000 years of Sufi writings, is everywhere considered remarkable. If it is, rather (as Dr. Elwell-Sutton seems to want us to believe) of his own concoction, then Shah is an astounding genius." 
*(The same can with good reason be said of you Brigitte. You must admit, that Idries Shah has done something of value to society as such.)*
Doris Lessing Says further:
"Does Dr. Elwell-Sutton not know that eminent scholars interest themselves in ancient MSS when they are produced, not when they are talked or written about? To mention Idries Shah's brother's version of Omar Khayyam without relevance to the books under review is perplexing enough; but that he concerns himself with trying to establish a negative about the MS is astonishing."
*The lack of knowledge of the importance of "the 7 keys" as mentioned by Blavatsky (by some the "language of the birds"), sometimes bars scholars in understanding Sufi-teaching.*
Sutton (not being a "Doctor" - Lessings mistake) - being 'praising' Islam a lot in reviews and his own books (like "Elwell-Sutton, L.P. Modern Iran. New York: Gordon Press, 1976.") - could have his (economic ?) reasons for disliking Idries Shah. Shah being so much against fanatism and the like. Just read his books to find out. Scholars from time to time like to put their names forward by bashing others. - And sometimes they get away with it, especially when the bashed guy is physically dead. Allright Doris Lessing is not the best to run a real esoteric defence of Idries Shah, I admit that as a reasonable view.

*J. G. Bennet was a real disciple of wisdom. 
What do you have about him (positively speaking if anything)? What has he said about Idries Shah, which is 'fictious' etc.. like Lobsang Rampa.etc..??
I find Bennets views important.*

Sufilight with LOVE.... and some Sufis with yellow hats...

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