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Adelasie - Mayans and human evolution

Feb 11, 2002 02:10 AM
by Mic Forster

Dear Adelasie,
Yes I believe we are at a pivatol moment in evolution,
not just human evolution but the evolution of all
consciousness. One of my favourite cultures of all
time are the Mayans and I believe they have a vey
important message for us. Firstly, it is tentively
hypothosised that they disappeared due to an
ecological disaster - ie they consumed all their
resources and their society collapsed in the face of
stronger neighbours. Much like the Rapa Nui on Easter
Island. As an ecologists I would love to go to the
Yucatan and do some palynology on sediments in the
area - if it were proven this would have profound
consequneces for the very materialistic world we
westerners live in (on the bus on the way home today I
took note of what people were reading - 5 people were
reading the financial section of the newspaper, a guy
was looking at motorbikes, two ladies were yaking over
a clothes catalogue and one lady was reading Harry

But the second lesson they have left us is even more
pertinent. As a theosophist I would love to know this
inside out and back to front as I believe it holds
that scientific/mathematical/synchronicity secret to
what our current consciousness is going through. I am
in the process of rearranging my books and I can't
find the one I am thinking of which explains what I
mean so eloquently. In the meantime I will relate a
very coarse version of it but when I find the book I
will elaborate. Basically the author believes that we
are going through a one cycle of very many. He relates
a chronological sequence from approximately 5000 years
ago up to that magic date in 2012 of conscious
evolution. I wish I could find this book. I'll leave
it at that for the time being...

--- adelasie <> wrote:
> Dear Mic,
> That was certainly a very unfortunate statement and
> I am wondering if 
> maybe it was meant as some sort of a joke. It
> certainly doesn't fit 
> with the spirit of the opening night reporting I
> heard, which was 
> aimed at the spirit of people of the world coming
> together to 
> celebrate excellence in sporting events. 
> But your question makes me think of some issues
> related to theosophy. 
> These are turbulent times. Probably most people are
> wondering how 
> trends and events of the past few months will affect
> their lives, 
> with questions about the economy, world trade,
> possible war, etc. In 
> my little corner of the USA, and elsewhere, there
> are concerns about 
> restrictions of civil rights. But in the larger
> picture, I wonder if 
> anyone sees the possibility that theosophy gives us
> some very 
> specific guidelines for conduct in such times. We
> can see perhaps 
> that it is no accident that these teachings came
> into human 
> consciousness at this point in our evolution, and
> that they can be 
> used by those who value them possibly to generate
> some positive 
> influence. Certainly the possibilities of
> communication are amplified 
> in recent years beyond anything previously
> available, by the internet 
> and electronic media in general. Isn't this the time
> we could use 
> these tools to spread these teachings and make them
> available to more 
> people, when they may be helpful in the current
> crisis? 
> I think the shockwaves of 911 have opened up some
> new channels in our 
> consciousness. Maybe this is the time to pour some
> light into these 
> cracks in our traditional mindset, and start some
> lines of thought 
> about the unity of all life, the real source of
> power, the debt of 
> compassion and sympathy that we owe to all our
> brothers and sisters 
> who suffer under the yoke of materialism, the
> responsibility we all 
> share for everything that happens to the collective
> entity that we 
> call humanity.
> Any thoughts?
> Adelasie
> On 10 Feb 2002 at 15:40, Mic Forster wrote:
> > 
> > This is a post for our American friends out
> there. Here in Australia
> > there is a lot of talk about American patriotism
> since Sept 11 and
> > this was demonstrated at the opening ceremony of
> the Winter Olympics.
> > Although I did not watch this the local paper
> stated that when the
> > Iranian team entered the NBC announcer
> proclaimed: "And here comes
> > Iran - a member of the axis of evil". I must
> admit that as an
> > outsider I am deeply concerned at the way
> Americans are behaving. And
> > as an outsider and an avid reader of Nazi Germany
> I must also admit
> > that there are many, many parallels between what
> I see occurring in
> > America today and what occurred in Germany
> between 1933 and 1939. As
> > Americans do you feel that this is occurring? Is
> there a general
> > drive from the common man on the street to see
> this so called axis of
> > evil shattered? This email is not meant to be
> insulting, I would just
> > like to hear from an American point of view. I
> would also just like
> > to let you know the sentiments of the rest of the
> wRegards from down
> > und
> > 
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