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Re: Theos-World Universal Pattern?

Feb 10, 2002 11:06 AM
by Larry F Kolts

Hi Bill,

Yes, I agree with what you say.

For me, even though there are several theosophical "organizations" and
certainly a "movement", what is really important is that theosophy is a
"state of mind" an never ending search for thruth where ever one finds


On Sun, 10 Feb 2002 11:42:37 -0500 "Bill Meredith" <>
> Hi Larry.
> I saw Brigitte's response to your post below, however I did want 
> to say
> that your characterization of the discussions between Brigitte and 
> Adelasie
> as either one extreme or the other seems on the mark to me --- both 
> for
> Brigitte *and* for Adelasie. I agree that whether HPB used drugs is
> immaterial to her writings. I mean I also enjoy Janis Joplin's 
> songs.
> My first attraction to theosophy was the idea that it could be 
> learned and
> verified by astute observation of self and universe without 
> reference to or
> knowledge of "official" Theosophy or HPB. When I first came upon 
> theosophy
> a couple of years ago, I had a strong sense of resonance with the 
> ideas and
> concepts therein. Where did this harmonic sense come from? I 
> think my own
> relentless observation of self and universe had brought me to many 
> of the
> same explanations that theosophy codifies. This conclusion is 
> pleasing to
> my ego, however that fact alone is not sufficient to invalidate it. 
> My
> point is that theosophy offers a language for expressing what many 
> have come
> to consider truth. Theosophy is not the truth and should not be 
> mistaken
> for it. The potential to know truth is with us always no matter the
> language we use to reveal or veil it.
> As I watch Bruce and Bri ignore each other's intended points in an 
> effort to
> refocus the issue on what each has come to know as truth I am 
> learning much
> more than I might could have if they (as brilliant and pointed as 
> each is)
> were in agreement and presenting only one strongly reinforced view 
> of truth.
> (perhaps like Dallas and Adelasie tend to do).
> Mauri makes as much sense as anyone, and yet he seems to be the most 
> widely
> ignored. I think perhaps because his thought processes do not lend
> themselves to an opposite. At least not to an opposite that would 
> bother
> being here expressing itself. :)
> I guess what I'm trying to say is that with all this to and fro, 
> here and
> there, this and that, point and counterpoint, theosophy (as a
> description/explanation) can only be improved/tightened/made more 
> precise.
> In that light, I am enjoying these discussions more.
> regards,
> Bill
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