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Re to Paul & Brigitte

Feb 10, 2002 09:48 AM
by Gerald Schueler

Paul: The Theosophical movement remains stuck in the mud, absolutely resistant to any kind of nonsectarian historical consideration of HPB and her Masters.

Brigitte: It seems to me there is a lot of subconscious fear there among Theosophists that their fantasy's will be destroyd.

It seems to me that you are both right here. The TM is stuck in the mud not only with history, but is stuck in its exoteric teachings as well. By positing the core teachings as sacred and holy writ that says it all, by throwing out quotes as if they mean only the one particular thing that the thrower has in mind, there is no acceptance for new ideas and so no allowance for any further expansion of worldview, and this always leads ultimately to stagnation and death. 

Of course they are afraid. It is fear that makes anyone cling desparately to any sacred writing. It is fear that makes anyone grasp onto an eternal self (the Theosophical idea of an eternal pilgrim is NO DIFFERENT than the Christian idea of an eternal soul). The core teachings are enough to make us all chelas. It is fear, and possibly laziness, that holds a chela back from spiritual enlightenment.

Jerry S.

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