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Re to Dallas - Chakras

Feb 09, 2002 08:12 AM
by Gerald Schueler

<<<<Nadis, chakras, plexi to my understanding all represent centers in physiological man's body that are reflections from the astral for specific purposes. Since H P B does not go into specifics, I
guess they are known to her but are not discussed with a reason. Looking at 7-fold man one might guess that behind the astral stand various orders of pranic forces which would be dual in kind.>>>

Dallas, chakras are centers or foci, while nadis are channels. Two very different things, the nadis connect the chakras, and what passes through the nadis and activates the chakras is prana. I am not sure how much Blavatsky knew, other than the rudiments. But I have learned and studied this area for years and have activiated my own, to a degree, and so can speak with some experience on this subject.


<<<<I find no reason to believe that activating those plexi by physiological disciplines as in hatha-yoga will lead the Man of Force and Decisions -- the Perceiver and Chooser within -- to real progress. But although there will be some effect, it probably lasts for a life-time at most and remains unregulated and relatively unknown by the time the body dies.>>>>

Not so. Yogic work on the chakras carries over from life to life. How else can we explain those folks who have spontaneous activations? The "effect" is to allow the human mind, manas, to confront spiritual forces and get to understand them. This is essential in order to join the triad of atma, buddhi, and manas together into a monad-like unity. This is, basically, the work of the chela, part of the Path to becoming an Adept.


<<<But it doe not sound to me as though any of those
practices are idealistic, altruistic and noble. Most are focused
on the acquirement of personal powers and the potential
subjugation of other and certain aspects of Nature to the
personal will of the individual --- and that has all the
ear-marks to me of black magic. >>>>

Dear Dallas, you are very wrong, and I am sorry that you feel this way. Yogic meditation to activate the chakras and one's motive for doing so are two different things. Hindu tantricism is largely concerned with power, but Buddhist tantricism is concerned with compassion and helping others. How can one help spiritually unless one can experience spirituality? And how can one experience spirituality without activating the higher chakras?


<<<Turning to the basis for world religions. Regardless of priestly
overlays, how do they all stack up? I see great similarities in
all, The objective, mainly is the improvement of man morally.>>>>

Please give us some examples of these similarities. I have studied the religions of the world for years without finding them. How does doing good deeds in order to get into heaven improve morality? Once again, we get back to motive.


<<<The virtues are all similar.>>>

And they are also relative.

Enough for now. Have a nice day.

Jerry S.


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