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Re: Theos-World Re to Paul

Feb 09, 2002 00:03 AM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 02/08/02 2:53:19 PM, writes:

>Either Theosophy, and thus the TM, is a closed system of core teachings,
>or it is an open system of living ideas that grows by accepting new thoughts.
>Some seem to want the former while giving lip service to the latter, while
>I am clearly arguing for the latter. Anyway, for some people this is a
>new concept, and it may take a while to sink in.

"New thoughts" are certainly welcome as a basis for discussion. But 
"accepting them" without serious study and perceptive questioning opens up a 
nest of worms -- as many of them may contradict the "core teachings" of 
theosophy -- which are based on the "fundamental principles" that cannot be 
obviated or changed... Since, to do so would destroy the whole body of 
derivative teachings that rest on them. 

As many of the these so called "new thought" thinkers have yet to understand 
the essential nature of these fundamentals, their "ideas" must be taken with 
grain of salt until they are *proven* to conform with the "core teachings" -- 
which ARE essentially a "closed system" that must be either accepted or 
rejected by each thinker for him/herself. 

IOW, Theosophy, which is a logical and consistent "synthesis of science, 
religion and philosophy" consolidated by HPB out of all the ancient occult 
knowledge and wisdom passed down unchanged from mouth to ear to "those that 
can hear" and "those that can see" (with the inner eye) cannot be changed, 
added to, or "grow" without destroying the core foundation teachings upon 
which all of it rests. 

Any other course would be to invent a whole new system that no longer can be 
called "theosophy," but would simply be an unscientific opinionated 
speculation, off the wall theory, or unfounded "idea" -- that cannot be 
falsified or proven objectively or subjectively -- unless backed up by a new 
set of "fundamental principles" (linking zero to infinity and spirit to 
matter) that are, in themselves, logically valid, and universally consistent 
with both our common outer objective and inner subjective experiences of 
fundamental reality... Not to mention, being consistent with the validly 
proven findings of modern and post modern science (all of which, 
incidentally, have been presaged in the Secret Doctrine). 

However, if you or anyone else can do that, I'm sure some of us studious 
"thinkers" would be glad to consider and argue for or against it -- on 
another forum, perhaps, that might have a name other than "Theosophy-..."


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