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Re: Theos-World Re: Bailey and Denmark

Feb 08, 2002 04:03 PM
by Morten Sufilight

Hi MNS and all,

Maybe my below remarks and views can help:
There are more than one group - on Bailey. In Denmark one Expulsion happened - near year 1989. A group now known as "The Theosophical Association Scandinavia" broke out and still exists. A group within them has formed the following website - partly finished in both english and danish at : - (It is a sort of Bailey fond).
(I was a member of the first group. I recently jumped out because of the above websites content, which was formed by a group, which both are member ofthe first organization and the last hosting the above website. The two groups work closely together - to close - I think.)

Well Bailey is interesting, but she has her limitatations - for sure. Idries Shah is according to me enhancing Bailey's teachings by several lightyears, when talking year 2002. Well that is just the way I see it.

What about the Robert Müller Schools. (Rober Müller was a former vicesecretary to United Nations - Generalsecretary U Thant in the 1960ies.
They have branches in at least 6-7 countries as far as I know. They have members working at the United Nations i on high levels.

When United Nations come up I have the following to you to consider: - where one find this---
Sensing the growing interest in the story of the glory of Baba, we had founded, with Baba's blessings, a Study Circle at the United Nations headquarters, with regular Thursday gatherings in delegates' meeting rooms situated right underneath the UN General Assembly Hall, and sometimes under the Security Council Chamber. Before long, Sai Bhajans began to reverberate in the after-office hours in the United Nations! The annual celebrations of the Study Circle attracted a large number of UN staff members and country delegates. I remember the occasion when the president of the International Court ofJustice came rushing along with a couple of delegates seeking Sai Vibhuthi(sacred ash). He proudly showed me a picture of Baba in his wallet! "

Any comments

feel totally free to do your best...

Sufilight with the TRUTH...

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> > About 5 years ago there was a lot of talk on theos-l about the
> > explusion of the Danish section of the Adyar TS, allegedly (like
> > that of the Canadians) because they'd been infiltrated by the
> > Bailey heresy and Radha couldn't tolerate it.
> What year did the expulsion occur? It is my understanding that some 
> Theosophical groups have a lot of Bailey associates. In fact, the 
> leader of my local Theosophical group is a Bailey follower.
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