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Re: Theos-World Rampa and Twitchell

Feb 07, 2002 11:16 AM
by Steve Stubbs

Hey, Paul:

Excellent comment. Eckankar is so preposterous I was
just flabbergasted to discover that anyone takes it
seriously. You mean you don't believe in Fubbi and

That some people would say they are chubby with Fubbi
is not hard to explain. I don't remember the source,
but there was a radio show I read about some time ago
on which the decision was made to expose the mendacity
of the common man. A guest was invited into the show,
who claimed to have seen a "flying saucer" earlier in
the evening and who invited others who had seen the
"flying saucer" to call in and tell their experiences.
There was, of course, no "flying saucer" and there
had been no sighting of anything by the guest.

All evening long people who desperately wanted to
attract attention to themselves called the station to
confirm that the "flying saucer" was real, that they
had seen it themselves, that some of them had taken
rides on it, and that some were in telepathic
communication with the space aliens who piloted it. 
All of this was conscious lying, of course, and serves
as an object lesson in the unreliability of eyewitness

That anyone would have nerve enough to defend Eckankar
in a court of law is even more mind boggling than that
anyone could take Paul Twitchell seriously.

I have not been reading fully the posts by Eckists on
other lists - they disgust me.


--- kpauljohnson <> wrote:
> --- In theos-talk@y..., Steve Stubbs
> <stevestubbs@y...> wrote:
> > Amazing that the Lobsang Rampa hoax has been so
> well
> > documented, and yet people are still taken in by
> it.
> > 
> > Some even feel disgusted that anyone would
> disbelieve
> > it and call it a hoax.
> > 
> Compare the case of Paul Twitchell, who totally
> invented the lineage 
> of Eck Masters, with bizarre names like Fubbi Quantz
> and Rebasar 
> Tarz. There are now tens of thousands of Eckists
> who can testify to 
> the reality of these invented characters, because
> they meet them on 
> the "inner." Dr. David C. Lane wrote a devastating
> expose of 
> Twitchell called The Making of a Spiritual Movement,
> and lately a 
> sequel called Gakko Came from Venus (don't know if
> it's out). A 
> major accomplishment of his books is showing the way
> some Eck Masters 
> were based on real people Twitchell had known. But
> Lane's probably 
> the most reviled man on the Internet, receiving
> piles of daily abuse 
> from Eckists on the google group
> alt.religion.eckankar. He's also 
> been hounded legally by Eckankar and its offshoot
> PJ
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