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Re: Theos-World how does theosophy explain 'disgust'?

Feb 07, 2002 07:54 AM
by Bill Meredith

Dear Dallas,
I believe I understand the thinking processes that bring you to your
current point of view on theosophical topics. Thank you for the offering.
As you know, we should each continually examine our processes and observe
steadfastly for those moments of self-awareness and increased perception.
Sometimes we miss a golden moment for growth. Perhaps I have missed one
here. I shall look at our exchange of words again in a few weeks.

kind regards,
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> > Wednesday, February 06, 2002
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> > Dear Bill:
> >
> > Don't mistake me, or what I say for the whole of what is named
> > THEOSOPHY. I only know a little of it, and what I have tested
> > seems to make good sense as a life-guide. But then that is not
> > universal, and I can only speak for myself. I have been doing
> > this for several years on the Internet now.
> >
> > I do not care for "labels," they are inaccurate. The laws and
> > practice of brotherhood, decency, respect, friendliness, and a
> > strict regard for truth and sincerity, are what I strive for, and
> > are my goals. I appreciate them when any one voices them.
> >
> > I have also written Dan Caldwell on this subject so you could
> > read that also, and employ what is said by me there as a part
> > answer to what you ask. We need not exaggerate anything. Nor
> > need we pretend to be anything we are not.
> >
> > If we can practice ideals instead of merely speaking of, or
> > debating them, we will all be better in our conjoint lives. Let
> > the truth prevail.
> >
> > Please note that mine is a response to that which was written by
> > some others. I do not agree with everything. I seek for
> > principles we can all use, and I have repeatedly asked for them.
> >
> > Theosophy has helped me greatly. I consider H P B and the
> > Mahatmas who stand behind her, as my TEACHERS, and I say so
> > openly and also rise to defend them and their philosophy. I have
> > so far discovered nothing better, and I have looked far and wide.
> > So why should I not act as a champion (self appointed) or a
> > "protector" to use your word ? I do not feel in any way demeaned
> > by the concept, do you ?
> >
> > In return, and in gratitude, I uphold that which I sense that
> > Theosophy represents to us all, as a view of the universe and its
> > cooperative functionings. In this I agree, and proclaim that
> > science, philosophy, ethics, morals, and the urge to live a
> > spiritual life are merged, and form a unified whole. There is a
> > spiritual universe as well as a psychic, an intellectual and a
> > physical one; and the laws of all Nature, of which Karma is the
> > grandest, frame and enclose it. Otherwise we could not (as
> > immortals) all be here. But, I also recognize others may not see
> > it that way.
> >
> > I sometimes wonder if the study of Theosophy cannot be prosecuted
> > more vigorously by us all? There are things of great value in
> > it, and practical ones we can all use in our daily lives. As far
> > as I can see it has active antagonism to nothing. Neither do I.
> > But misrepresentation deserves attention so as to readjust and
> > set things straight, if possible. If I keep silent, then I
> > tacitly agree to things said that I sense are either unfair or
> > untrue.
> >
> > I can only say what I sense and feel -- as Dallas.
> >
> > A sad disgust expresses it. In French the word "gout" means
> > taste. "Disgust" to me is distasteful.
> >
> > I am quite honest (I hope) about what I say, but not always
> > wise.
> >
> > Best wishes,
> >
> >
> > Dallas
> >
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