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Tuesday Lobsang Rampa

Feb 06, 2002 07:55 PM
by John Beers

Mic wrote, "I have just finished reading "The Third Eye" and was impressed
with its seeming honesty. Apart from the dubious integrity of the author,
would it be a fairly accurate account of the life of a Tibetan monk?"

I don't know. I read that book, and considered it reasonable and very
interesting. A part I'll never forget was his coming to the monastery, age
6, I think. He had been dropped off at the gate, and there was another kid
whose father was a butcher. The monks screamed at this kid, called him a
murderer, and chased him away.

I once read a brief editorial by someone who had been to Tibet, and said
Rampa was a clever fraud who must have read a lot of Theosophy. As I
recall, though, this critic didn't have anything specific against Rampa, and
was just voicing his opinion. In my mind, I file Rampa as "Gee, that's
interesting. I wonder if it's true?" There is nothing so flagrant that
would make me say it's false.

As I recall, in his later life, he was obsessed with inventing a device
by which people could see things on the higher planes, and he regarded this
as his life's purpose.

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