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Feb 06, 2002 07:10 AM
by Gerald Schueler

<<<What good does it do anyone to criticize others? There is a big difference between disagreeing with someone on some point in discussion, and attacking them personally. >>>

Adelasie, sometimes criticism can be meant to help. One reason for my using "fundamentalism" on these lists (I believe that I was the first to use that term) is to try and get my fellow Theosophists to take an honest look at themselves. My motive was, and still is, compassion. Paul and others have carefully defined fundamentalism, and if the shoe fits ...

Most of us, myself included, tend to be so close to our belief system, alias worldview, that we take disagreements as personal attacks, and this starts the flames shooting. I have learned over the years not to do this, but this was a hard lesson for me, and my guess is that many are still in the process of learning it.

The historians on this list have a right to be here, and to make their case. Personally, as I have said many times, I don't care much for history because I believe that it is just as plastic as the future. Numerous historical accounts of the TM exist, and how can anyone know for sure which is right and which is wrong, except for our faith? Nevertheless, they have a right to make their case, just as everyone else has the right to accept or reject what they say. If nothing else, it may help us think, will likely test our faith, and it certainly is interesting.

Some time ago these lists were filled with CWL bashing, and only a few people spoke out against it (I don't recall Dallas using his dead person argument to defend CWL). As I recall, Eldon's wife quit the list over it, and has never returned. Thankfully this kind of thing has been notably reduced lately. The recent heated debates over history are nothing compared to some of our flame wars in the past (to which I humbly plead guilty, and I have promised myself never to do again). So, hopefully we are improving.

Jerry S.

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