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Re: Theos-World how does theosophy explain 'disgust'?

Feb 05, 2002 09:32 PM
by adelasie


You are entitled to your opinion and your take on this issue, but I 
still maintain that we could all do a bit better in this area of 
compassion, tolerance, and forgiveness. All of us, me included. 
What good does it do anyone to criticize others? There is a big 
difference between disagreeing with someone on some point in 
discussion, and attacking them personally. When theosophists 
attack each other, is it not a direct contradiction of the most basic 
principles, such as brotherhood? I can say all this, and then get 
mad and go off on someone, but it doesn't make what I say any the 
less true. It just means that I am not perfect, and that's for sure. 
And by the way, I think we do learn from each other, all the time. 
It's a complicated process, but usually we learn more if we take 
responsibility for our own mistakes. 


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