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Re: Gulf of Cambay archeological site: Daniel Caldwell suddenly "discovered" it

Feb 05, 2002 08:37 AM
by danielhcaldwell


Thanks for the info below. 

But did you specifically mention the Gulf of Cambay archeological site
in your previous article?

Actually I didn't discover the article myself. Shortly before I 
posted the article & links on Theos-Talk, I received from two 
separate correspondents (one in America, the other in Australia) 
emails alerting me to the links to the articles from the BBC 
and "Witley Striebers web site". I simply thought all of this would 
be of interest to theosophical students and therefore posted the 
links. BTW I also found later an article from the Times of India on 
this same subject.

Daniel H. Caldwell

--- In theos-talk@y..., "bri_mue" <bri_mue@y...> wrote:
> I reported this and related matters in my October 2000 2e 
> editorial on my Theosophical History web site, and was in 
> myself during the early part of 2001 about wich then again I 
> reported on my web site in June 2001. I took it of a few months 
> ago because I incorporated an extended version of my 2e editorial 
> a 17 part article series 
> I will be going back to Cambay and related sites soon because of a 
> documentary for the BBC.
> Interresting to see that after a years delay now it is on UFO 
> abductee's Witley Striebers web site, Daniel Caldwell 
> suddenly "discovered" it.
> In response to my Oct.2000 editorial one of the theos-talk members 
> that time following an invitation from Daniel to attack it, took 
> opposite view as the Cambay findings would indicate, and my 
> wich pretty much sums up also my position expressed in my Oct.2000 
> editorial is still on , see: 

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