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how does theosophy explain 'disgust'?

Feb 04, 2002 07:06 PM
by Bill Meredith

4. Does the idea of reincarnation change how we look at those
around us?


DTB on bn-basic:
Yes, because we realize we are all brother and sister
SPIRITUAL MONADS and have been and will be reincarnating
together. So we might as well treat each other from here on as
members of an immortal family.


DTB on theos-talk:
> I have not been reading fully the posts by Brigitte or Paul
> Johnson -- they disgust me.

I must ask what exactly disgusts you -- the posts that you don't read fully
or Brigitte and Paul Johnson? I am interested in this feeling of disgust to
which you refer. I have felt it before myself. I could not identify the
source of such a feeling. Do you feel it at the spiritual level or just
superficially by the personality? If it is deep and abiding within the
spirit, what does it mean to say "they disgust me"? For instance if we are
all destined to reincarnate again together, will "they disgust me" again and
again until they change their stripes or I change mine?

I wonder was HPB ever disgusted?


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