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sending files on theos-talk

Feb 04, 2002 08:19 AM
by Eldon B Tucker

At 01:52 AM 1/30/02 -0500, you wrote:
I would be interested in reading about it. Might even be consistent with or
add to my ABC holographic field theory of cosmogenesis (and anthropogenesis)
which scientifically or logically interprets the theosophical principles and
in non mystical terms.

But you can't send an attached file through Yahoo groups... So, why not
(1) offer it in a personal e-mail (as an MS Word file attachment) to each
reader who asks for a copy -- (2) post it on a web site and send us the URL
-- or
(3) save the file in plain text and dump it into an e-mail that goes out to
the group
through Yahoo? (If it's too long, you can split it into short sections in

The other option is to send me a copy of the file,
mention that it's for theos-talk, and I'll put in
online and post the URL.

The reason that email attachments are disabled on
theos-talk is to prevent the spread of viruses. Not
everyone has the proper anti-virus protection.

If someone sends me a file for the list, I can scan
it then put it online.

-- Eldon Tucker

In a message dated 01/29/02 12:06:20 PM, writes:

>I have taken an interest in Theosophy for a while.  have just always felt
>that there must be a more succinct way to answer the questions of the
>I have scribbled down my main thoughts (in ms word format). I have gone
>for a more rational approach, attempting to demystify mysticism. Following
>the laws of logic as far as possible.

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