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Re: Drugs (and the early TS)

Dec 23, 2001 05:18 AM
by bri_mue

Thanks for your interresting post Jerry.

The Ooton Liatto case in my opinion was clearly a situtuation with a 
drug influence attached as Steve has pointed out.

Questions I would like to put out to you and the group, including 
Daniel (for current research/reflection ) are;

1) Didn't Blavatsky attributed some of her phenomena to 
psychological tricks and that they did cause people to think they had 
seen things they had not ?

2) (Didn't someone on this list or was it on Universal Seekers once 
mentioned) that Blavatsky used mirror gazing to develop her 
clairvoyance, and that there is reason to believe she studied 
Randolph's manual of mirror gazing, SEERSHIP, which is referenced 
directly and indirectly in various places in the mahatma letters, but 
never named., or does someone else know about this on the list ?

3) Wouldn't Olcott's multiple pencils, which is
clearly evidence that he was stoned not be an example of a
non materialization ?

Brigitte--- In theos-talk@y..., "Gerald Schueler" <gschueler@e...> 
> <<<Reg.the early TS and the astral travel probably combined with 
the use of drugs as I showed in my earlier mail...>>>
> Brigitte, as you probably know, drugs are often used to induce 
astral travel in beginners. Crowley proved that this was possible to 
do, and his initial drug-induced experiences were largely based on 
Blavatsky's discussions of soma. In general, once direct experience 
was gained, drugs were no longer necessary. Crowley's experience with 
drugs was different than most because he got proscription heroine for 
his asthma from his doctors, and became addicted. Most occultists 
only need one or two drug-induced experiences in order to learn what 
it is like, and then they can "get there" without drugs. Of course, I 
am not speaking from my own experience here, because I have never 
taken any myself. 
> Jerry S.
> --

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