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By by Afghanistan.

Dec 21, 2001 09:09 AM
by bri_mue

The US is prepairing to attack Iraq mid Januari.
Saddam has offered Yasser Arafat a safe haven in Baghdad with the 
entire PLO leadership. In addition Saddam relayed a mesage to the 
Bush administration ha the was tired of fighting with America and was 
asking to deal. 
Interresting he passed on this messages to the United States through 
Turkey a country with a potential role in a future military campaign 
against Saddam.

Pakistan's Musharraf visited China. 

United States to hand over ethnic Uighurs from Xinjiang province who 
were captured while fighting with Taliban forces in Afghanistan. 
Washington however refused, as it does not recognize Uighur 
separatists as terrorists. 
China continued to supply arms to Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda 
terrorist even after the group began the September 11 attack on 
America, says a senior U.S. official.

Defence Minister George Fernandes said last Wednesday that Pakistan 
is diverting fleeing Taliban soldiers to Jammu and Kashmir. The US 
however doesn't like to see a war between Pakistan and India becouse 
it soon will have its hands full with Somalia and Iraq .

And Afghan sufi's reported severral ex -theosophists were seen astral 
travelling above Afghanistan one of them was Olcott in his rainbow 


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