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Re: Theos-World David Irving , Sufilight, and Theosophy.

Dec 16, 2001 08:06 AM
by Morten Sufilight

Hi Brigitte and you all,

A view:

I asked a question or two. I didn't consider asking such a question to be agressive in any way what so ever. If anyone else - except Brigitte on this list thinks so - please let me know. Please, Brigitte the questions was not(and I repeat NOT) put to hurt you - but to make our universe reach a higher level - and not a lower one. I did it because I care for your wellbeing - and also others as well.
I cry in silence because - you think that I am aggressive.

Could anyone on this help me out here on my below question - it was not only directed to Brigitte - but also to everyone on this list ??

To Brigitte: On your interesting questions below: - Brigitte I 'can' maybe answer to it - and I also for the 'time' being maybe won't do that fully - because I think I am being wrongly accused for being aggressive.


A short physical answer to the first part of your question below:
I think of you as a kind of sweet wellmeaning person - which for some odd reason is more interested in negative thinking than in positive thinking - here on this list.  
Depending on definition: God (ParaBrahman) is love. God is no nazi. God is not a narcotic. Please understand.

Theosophy is the visdom-religion - the ancient teaching of all ages. Theosophy IS religion - it is not A religion. (Read for instance the article by H.P. Blavatsky - "Is Theosophy a Religion?" - dated 1888, written shortly after the famous book "The Secret Doctrine".)
(Try this:

So my own words - are here - as a very physical answer the exact same as those of Blavatsky's in the above mentioned article. So please no 'blind faith' in socalled 'historical facts'.  
Some of todays Theosophical (not omitting the original one from 1875) or similar organisations are also 'offshots' from the true Wisdom-Religion - as Blavatsky mentions in the above article.
I will though - year 2001 - have to add som more heart to the article and adapt it to our time - if should write it.
I could hope it will be valid enough.


As for the second part of your question:
- I find it important to note, that some esoteric and theosophical books - are not really - valid reading - when time has passed for instance 30 yearsor 50 years since they where written. And others are. This is how theosophical and esoteric teaching operates !!
- I find it important - how one defines the word 'jew'. (And could be numerous possibilities here). I think Blavatsky maybe - at her time of living - i.e. 1888 had more than one definition (- here thinking about socalled 'the7 keys' mentioned by Blavatsky in SD, vol.1; p.318, 374 and elsewhere). And the historical situation in the years around 1888 - where not the same asthey are today - logically speaking
- I have also pondered a great deal on these exact words (SD, vol.2, p.471)by Blavatsky - and I have honestly never really liked them. But Blavatsky never claimed, that her book didn't have som faults - she even says that inthe same book. But maybe a 'jew' is something different to Blavatsky here - using the 7 keys.
- The Bailey part will have to wait a little - but I could suggest you to read all the pages in the book "Esoteric Healing" - very carefully - and then you maybe could reach more than one conclusion on the 'jew' issue. (Bailey uses some of the '7 keys' - and shouldn't always be read - litterally andnegatively as some tend to do.)
- Your - ugly - Lipstadt story below - your own conscience should be able to answer - at least partly.


- But the books of Blavatsky and Bailey are not quite young anymore - and Ihaven't said that I agree on every word they have written. And - time - sometimes changes words - to have a different meaning.

- The idea is that students on Theosophy should learn to think themselves -and develop their abstract thoughtcapacity and spiritual nonphysical heartof compassion - and not just nod their heads, while one reads some words from - this or that book - whoever the writer is or was.

- On the Akasha : I have never claimed - that I would or even could read and then answer from it - to anyone - asking.
- And please - I have never claimed to be any dead-letter reading Theosophist - or an immoral one. I am really everday doing my best to help - and be a good being - to be one with the universe - so to speak.

- Thoughts on different levels - interact between human beings and other creatures - these thoughts create 'new' life - in the spiritual evolution of Maya.

- I understand, that it can be interesting to debate on Theosophy. But whenthe opposite is going on - on this list - I start asking questions. And ifI get an answer at all - seems not important.

Please Brigitte - I would rahter like that all on this list was friends - than the opposite. It is good if we can agree on, that to do something bad -is not good.

I wish this answer is not going to be considered as an aggression.

Feel free.

from the heart

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Subject: Theos-World David Irving , Sufilight, and Theosophy.

> Morten S.: "Are Theosophy concerned with UNVALID physical evidence - 
> or rahter evidence
> from the akasha ?"
> Brigitte: Can you explain us in your own words what you think 
> Thesosophy is , instead of behaving only aggresivly on this list 
> without participating in any of the conversations .
> And can you maybe explain about "your" evidence of evidence
> from the akasha, regards to the below, that has verry well to do with 
> Theosophy.
> In the Secret Doctrine itself we read that, "the Jews are an 
> artificial Aryan race"(The Secret Doctrine, II, p. 471) and "the Jews 
> have a religion of hate and malice toward everyone and everything 
> outside itself," (The Secret Doctrine, II p. 471). Nevertheless one 
> cannot say that anti-Semiticism was the major topic for Blavatsky. 
> That remarks like the ones above can take on a dynamic of there own 
> is exemplified by the writings of a student of Theosophy, Alice 
> Bailey/Master DK, "Today the law [of racial karma] is working, and 
> the Jews are paying the price, factually and symbolically. They have 
> never yet faced candidly and honestly (as a race) the problem of WHY 
> [her emphasis] the many nations, from the time of the Egyptians, have 
> neither liked nor wanted them.... Yet there must be some reason, 
> inherent in the people themselves, when the reaction is so general 
> and universal. The evil karma of the Jew today is intended to end his 
> isolation, to bring him to the point of ...renouncing a nationality 
> that has a tendency to be somewhat parasitic within the boundaries of 
> other nations." (Esoteric Healing, p. 263ff). And The "Masters" then 
> met to decide the fate of these rebellious disciples who refused to 
> enter the "Path." Since they "loved the possessions of the world more 
> than they loved the service of light," they were cursed to "know no 
> peace." (Esoteric Psychology I, p. 397) 
> David Irving parroted these very sentiments in an interview with The 
> Guardian (March 19, 2000) during his landmark lawsuit against Deborah 
> Lipstadt: "Jews should not be asking who pulled the trigger, but why? 
> When the Nazis asked the Slovaks, the Hungarians, the Czechs, and 
> others to give over their Jews, everyone did so gladly. Why did the 
> Americans and Roosevelt refuse to let the [Holocaust refugee ship] 
> St. Louis dock? What is it about these people that no one wanted 
> them?" He also names various Jewish bodies as "some of the 
> traditional enemies of truth," and although he never elaborates 
> which "tradition" he embraces for his "truth", he identifies 
> the "Jewish problem" with a word high on Bailey's (and Blavatsky's) 
> list of Jewish racial traits: "Greed." 
> The Jewish genocide at the hands of the Nazis was clearly in progress 
> as Bailey/Master DK (Externalisation, II p. 194) wrote: "The major 
> racial problem has, for many centuries, been the Jewish, which has 
> been brought to a critical point by Germany. This problem is also 
> capable of solution if properly recognized for what it is, and if 
> coupled with an effort by the Jews themselves to solve it, and to be 
> cooperative in the world efforts to adjust their problem." 
> Theosophists theories of human evolution and Jewish history have 
> cosmic roots in the ancient war of the "Great White Lodge" against 
> the "Black Lodge." Also called "Brothers of the Shadow," first 
> mentioned in Mahatma Letter IX to A.P. Sinnet. 
> Bailey mentions that it was the last round of this war between Light 
> and Dark that ended the Atlantean Age and forced the Hierarchy, 
> champions of the White Lodge, to withdraw into space and leave earth 
> in the hands of the inexplicably victorious Black Lodge. While great 
> detail is devoted to the White Lodge, much information on the Black 
> Lodge leaders is withheld: "They are not the problems of humanity but 
> of the Hierarchy." (Externalisation, p. 74) 
> Brigitte
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