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Re: Theos-World Another Question for Steve: Concerning HPB's hashish smoking

Dec 15, 2001 06:43 AM
by Steve Stubbs

Gosh, I dunno, Daniel. What years do YOU think HPB
was ssmoking hash? Did she do it all her life or only
after she became an sdult?

Also, what other druhs do you think were involved? Do
you think hash caused Olcott's profuse sweating, or
was some stimulant involved?

--- danielhcaldwell <> wrote:
> Concerning Rawson's statement about HPB smoking
> hashish, 
> when do you think this allegedly happened? What
> years are you 
> talking about?
> Or are you telling us that you believe HPB smoked
> hashish her entire
> adult life?
> In other words, could you specify the dates and give
> us your evidence 
> and reasoning for giving those dates? 
> I have a reason for asking you these questions. 
> Daniel
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