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Re: Theos-World The "Nazi -UFO" myth and Theosophy.

Dec 14, 2001 04:42 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

You are jumping around Frank, first you mention the Epp booklet who
never said anything about "flying discs with signs of the Deutsches
Reich were seen in 1945 ", what's your evidence for this conclusion ?

Certainly not Epp, I read his small book several years ago, it is
published by Efodon.a group that supports Erich von Daniken.

Good to know that I am jumping - and I was in illusion that it was YOU who
I never mentioned the Epp booklet from Efodon, in fact I know it not and I
don't want to know it.

I wrote that Andreas Epp built the first "UFO" in 1941 under Air Force chief
Hermann Goering.
The Epp collection is just being published by
Epp was the hidden voice behind the 60's blockbuster SF tv series "Space
Patrol Orion".
What had the left extreme Austrian actor Dietmar Schoenherr said if he were
aware that a "Nazi engineer" was behind the script?
There is also some knowledge of Hitler's secret weapon in the big SF series
Perry Rhodan.

BTW, I know both Efodon and Daniken, what is wrong with them?
Germany's most serious Bertelsmann lexicon names Daniken an interpreter of
theosophical doctrines.

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