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Reg. Brigitte, what is YOUR interpretation of the Ooton Liatto "Master" story?

Dec 14, 2001 07:35 AM
by bri_mue

I think what Steve says in following link is true;

I also am indeed interested to see Daniel show the results of tests 
done on private individuals under modern laboratory conditions where 
the person in question:

1)Materializes and de-materializes objects as Blavatsky is claimed to 
have done. 

2) Modern laboratory testings where an individual (person) has 
dissapeared and 
re-appeared at will (without any equipment).

The drug influence Steve has clearly shown in case of the Ooton 
Liatto episode could mean that the strange phenomena Olcott 
reported which were not obviously the result of drug use., the drug 
could have been impairing his ability to make sound judgements.


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