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Re: Theos-World Why was Hitler alive in 1948 in the USA?

Dec 12, 2001 10:10 PM
by Morten Sufilight

Hi Brigitte, and all of you,

In what manner, has the below anything to do with theosophy ?

Why are you constantly concerned with filthy issues of the past ?
Some peoples wounds are not healed yet - why risk to break them more open?
Are all on this list considering the below - to be sweet Theosophical bedtime stories ?

from the heart

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Subject: Theos-World Why was Hitler alive in 1948 in the USA?

> Frank: "This Gestapo documents (taken out according to the FOIA, but 
> many paras still blacked) seem to support the strange guy George 
> Adamski who in the early 1950's said that the UFO inhabitants with 
> whom he will have talked, spoke German."
> Last time I only placed the first part of the babelfish translation 
> showing the Gestapo Mueller book by Gregory is a fake, enclosed the 
> rest.
> Brigitte
> The connoisseur of the book will object that the origin of the texts 
> is nevertheless outstanding occupied. In a Anhang[23 ] it is 
> described in detail how Gitta Sereny is discovered these Mueller 
> documents with searches on references, which frightening the 
> find released that Mueller obviously worked for the USA and how it 
> over the OSI (Office for Special Investigation), which has 
> the task to make former Nazis who entered into the USA, finally the 
> document Mueller received. Even copies of the original 
> documents are illustrated and specified with Mueller minutes archives 
> contractions! On the other hand that the "publication of 
> the questionable documents both for the USA and for Great Britain 
> possibly serious problems bring with itself to wuerde".[24 ] 
> now may it is repeated stressed quite like that be that such 
> documents in American archives are.
> How can that be explained? Without kriminaltechnische investigations 
> only speculations remain. If one asks, whom the book 
> uses, then the assumptions receive a stop.
> The discussions with Mueller are to have been led 1948! Like a red 
> thread pulls itself by the book: Mueller is expert in the 
> espionage fight with the Soviet Union. Mueller is the connoisseur of 
> the Soviet espionage techniques. It has in the war many 
> point agents of the Soviet Union umgedreht[18 ], some is still in the 
> Soviet Union and could for it arbeiten.[19 ] Mueller 
> controls the technology of falsifying Soviet identity papers and 
> Dokumenten.[20 ] thanks of its agents knows Mueller
> not only the Soviet espionage system, [21 later ] but also the 
> organisational structures of the Soviet agent rings in the USA and
> Grossbritannien.[22 ] five sides can it then the list of the Soviet 
> feeler gauges to the USA and Great Britain supply.
> Realises one the position of 1948: The Americans were before the 
> rubble of their Soviet politics. The fear of Soviet agents 
> spread increasingly, until it kulminierte in a witch hunt. If 
> Mueller's predicates would have been passed on 1948 the Soviet as " 
> genuine documents " and if the Russians would have believed the 
> texts, then their agent networks would have been worthless in 
> Great Britain and the USA for them, because they had to count then on 
> the fact that the west knows and for itself operate lets 
> their agents in both countries! 
> A suspicion offers itself: A certain American service practiced from 
> it falsified documents into files, in order to pass on it so the 
> Soviet, in order to irritate it over the value of their anglo-saxon 
> agents. Fifty years after end of war, the Soviet Imperium, finds 
> Gitta Sereny the old texts was neglectable. It uses its relations, in 
> order to come to the document. 
> The American services have in the meantime a new target: The support 
> of the domestic economy against foreign 
> Konkurrenten.[25 ] possibly someone in the chain file - passing on - 
> OSI - Gitta Sereny comes on the idea to up-deseam these 
> texts for the new target and it over a German outsider publishing 
> house, this time as play material against Germany to set in 
> circulation. But a fact speaks. 
> As Gitta Sereny the note to the document finds, there covers it to 40 
> pages. When the OSI makes the document available, are 
> from it over 130 pages geworden![26 ] the doubts against the 
> publication suddenly shrank. By the publication in a right 
> German publishing house the book for the USA is no more message. Also 
> speaks against the authenticity. Because a book 
> with discussions between official American agencies and Gestapo 
> Mueller would have become 50 years after the war a unique 
> sensation and, in a renowned American publishing house published, an 
> enormous business. Certainly the texts and their 
> emergence would have been then publicly examined. Also the 
> renouncement of the large cash is a weighty argument against the 
> book.   
> Three of the ranges of topics, which were probably produced after 
> 1990, are here presented. Thus Mueller expresses itself 
> very decided to the Holocaust. It does not deny under any 
> circumstances the mass murder in the rest of to the Jews and also 
> not the scope. That appears first only in such a way! After Mueller 
> the mass murders took place not or only to small extent in 
> Auschwitz, but in stocks, the Globocnik been subordinate. In 
> Auschwitz themselves, so Mueller, died approx.. 100,000 Jews. 
> One killed in stocks with Lublin[27 ] by Globocnik. That occurred, so 
> a place, because Globocnik wanted to enrich itself, [28 
> ] or on other place, because Globocnik did not know, where he should 
> with all humans. The inventor of the gaskammern was 
> Gerstein, [29 ] a crazy person, Mueller into a home instructs 
> leaving ] 
> the book shifts responsibility and scene of the Holocaust. Mueller 
> calls no numbers over from Globocnik and Gerstein 
> murdered. It supplies however a list over Globocniks booty, and there 
> is a position 8,228 kg Eheringe.[31 ] sets one the 
> weight of a marriage ring with 2,5 gram, then one would come on over 
> 3 million dead ones - plus those, which did not carry a 
> marriage ring! 
> By the misalignment of the mass murders by Auschwitz to other places 
> aren't all revisionistic objections weakened against the 
> gaskammern in Auschwitz? In such a way don't the reportreport report 
> and the Rudolf appraisal lose any base? Doesn't the 
> verruecktheit explain barley in absurd stating of the barley in 
> report? 
> Sometimes there are coincidences! There may one and a half years ago, 
> there the author the fundamentals of this theory by 
> telephone by an anonymous caller with a variation was presented. 
> Gerstein was sugar ill and that the cause of its verruecktheit. 
> The Mueller predicates, set the case them would be actually genuine, 
> raise new questions. Why by the historians was the 
> opinion held that in Auschwitz many millions humans were killed, if 
> the mass murders actually took place in other place? And 
> would they possible been alone be under authorization Globocniks, 
> where KZ commanders were already pulled and shot 
> because of smaller offenses for responsibility? By the way Dr. 
> Reinecke, Amtschef in the principal office SS court, called which 
> was dealt with with these processes, with his hearing in Nuernberg 
> Gestapo Mueller as one of the chief executives for 
> destruction internal messages. 
> Other predicates might, then fear I, more resonance to find. For the 
> substantial attacks momentary on the German armed 
> forces the book supplies with sufficiently to ammunition. 
> The armed forces, and not the SS, was the actual carrier of the 
> crimes of National Socialist Germany! The commissioner 
> instruction was a demand of the armed forces. As wire-puller the 
> general of the artillery Warlimont, " a Schlange"[32 ], which 
> itself behind other hidden, is presented. Warlimont formulated its 
> instruction for the toetung of the commissioners in such a way, 
> " that its instruction in such a way sounds like a type NSDAP 
> propaganda, with it it, if necessary, us (i.e. the SS, d. V) in 
> addition, with it loads koennte."[33 ] the armed forces brought the 
> commissioners to by the SS led stocks, with it it there shot 
> wurden.[34 ] the armed forces had " own concentration camps, in those 
> Jews and communists briefly and justified liquidated 
> wurden."[35 had ] Mueller commissioners, usually Jews, " accurately 
> before the execution commands of the armed forces 
> schuetzen."[36 ] Mueller to its interlocutor: " you know that the SS 
> for the crimes of the armed forces increases musste."[37 ] 
> the German resistance in the third realm the reputation of Germany 
> abroad still considerably. That is not any longer gladly seen 
> recently in the USA. 1995 were attacked an exhibition over the German 
> resistance in the American congress library as " 
> schoenfaerberisch"[38 ]. Mueller offers there juicy remedy. The men 
> 20 of July, in front Stauffenberg, were erbaermliche 
> Schufte. Stauffenberg was homosexuell[39 ], a victim Georges, to 
> which Stauffenberg found " to its by verses life bekehrt 
> hatte".[40 ] " many normal, older officers him loud and widerlich, 
> very dirtily, which concerned its personal hygiene. They had 
> something against its male Harem, with which it was in the officers' 
> messes herumzog."[41 ] Stauffenbergs " secret Germany " in 
> " reality only one group of homosexuals with interest to young 
> Maennem".[42 ] 
> When Mueller searched Stauffenbergs private dwelling for the 
> assassination attempt, it did not only find several albums with 
> pictures of naked young Italians, the house was full-plugged " with 
> illegal black market goods: Wine, food, clothes and further 
> Luxusartikel."[43 ] Stauffenberg were to blame for also Rommels 
> suicide: " finally it (Rommel d. V) was a victim Stauffenbergs 
> like it Hitler would have its sollen."[44 ] Stalin was the wire-
> puller of the Hitler assassination attempt and the SS general God 
> praise Berger its Partner.[45 ] Stauffenberg and Beck wanted for 
> Stalin the way in the Ruhr district and after Schlesien to 
> open, and to the wages they should as " a governmentgovernment 
> government " power uebernehmen.[46 ] as the conspirators 
> were seized, in front the church people, gave " us the names of their 
> friends and otherwise everyone, to them invent 
> konnten."[47 ] the officers " plapperten. opposite the Gestapo of 
> everything, which did not have them wussten."[48 ] is struck, 
> there most " of them on their part to confess completely and so many 
> And many of them loaded hardly knew something. I 
> believe we released more, than we further locked up leaving ] 
> obvious is all what increases the reputation of Germany abroad, are 
> destroyed. Who knows the aggressive sensitivity of the 
> third realm to the homosexuals, for that it is inconceivable that the 
> guidance of the armed forces could have accepted such 
> occurring Stauffenbergs maintained above. The Scha that, which the SA 
> had by Roehm, was present everyone. Himmler would 
> have used such statuses immediately. 
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