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One fault too many...

Dec 12, 2001 07:26 AM
by Nisk98114

Was H.P.B. such a one?
Who was such a one? 

This is an old saying, O Atula; it is not of this day only. "They 
blame him who sits silent, they blame him who talks much, they blame 
him who speaks moderately in measured terms." There is not any one in 
the world who is not blamed. 
There never was, nor will be, nor is there now to be found any 
one who stands wholly praised or utterly condemned. 
But the man whom the discerning always praise, because he (or she) is 
without blemish, wise, endowed with both knowledge and virtue, who 
would dare to blame such a one? He is like a coin of gold from the 
Jambu river. Even the gods praise him, even by BrahmÔ he is praised. 

The Dhammapada

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