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RE: Theos-World RE: The Masters and rain in Olcott's apartment.

Dec 10, 2001 05:41 PM
by nos

Smoking a natural herbal plant is not a slander on her character. Good
on her I say!



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Subject: Theos-World RE: The Masters and rain in Olcott's apartment.

Monday, December 10, 2001

Dear Friends:

Re: H P B and drugs or alcohol.

I believe I may say this is an example of amplifying a rumor -- an
unsubstantiated rumor.

I for one would ask any of you if H P B ever advocated using drugs or
alcohol ? Have you seen or do you have some thing she wrote on that ?

Is this single report by "Rawson" in FRANK LESLIE's POPULAR MONTHLY to
stand against the whole volume of her teachings?

Let's be clear. If we are dealing with psychic phenomena and the
effects emanating from the astral light, let us say so and provide the
readership with actual textual sources.

Further, it is an insinuation against H P B's character that cannot and
does not find any support. I need more evidence before I accept or
broadcast such information which may be quite untrue, and which the one
who repeats it will have to substantiate.

I PROTEST THIS. I further say that it is an act of cowardice to advance
something against the character of a person who is dead and is unable to
refute it currently. Fortunately her writing do the refuting.

Have you found anything in the DOCUMENTARY BIOGRAPHY OF H P B by Sylvia
Cranston that supports this?

As far as I can determine she did not, repeat: NOT. She never
recommended them, and she was very definite that they ought not be used
for any reason.

She was not interested in inducing visions, using "soma" or fumes, or
anything else. But she gave evidence that she was well aware of their
effects and dangers. For this there are references in Theosophical

In regard to seeing colors and hearing sounds, apparently some of these
phenomena are related to the astral light and the effects that it can
have on sensitive natures. We all have the faculty, but we may not have
developed the sensitivity.

As usual we are skipping ahead on the matter of testimony and evidence.
We begin to spin theories and hypotheses, but we are not basing
ourselves on the information that Theosophy offers.

In OLD DIARY LEAVES (ODL) Olcott give a great deal of evidence
concerning H P B's phenomena. In fact one could fill a good size volume
with references to that alone -- as associated with her.

Best wishes to all,



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Hi, Frank:

I don't know how to take your question, but here are
some facts for your consideration:

The statement that Blavatsky used hash in New York is
made in Rawson's article in Frank Leslie's Popular

She wrote at length about synesthesia (the experience
of seeing sounds and hearing colors) and this is
described as one of the experiences one has using hash
in Baudelaire's Paradis Artificiel.


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